Beginners guide to know wordpress training with studiopress tips by wordpress chick

WordPress is something that created new to learn. In today’s world, wordpress made easy in blogging, business and the easiest way to get your site online. Kim Doyal is alternatively known as wordpress chick who achieved her success in wordpress development. Creating and sharing content is a loyal way to boost your audience and business. Kim Doyal has hosted a semi-regular podcast for content marketing which helps other online business owners who have to build with wordpress.

Now, let’s see what all are the wordpress training tips with studiopress by wordpress chick. WordPress proved as the top online blogging platform with features like free, robust, extensible. So, learn wordpress and get beautiful websites. For a successful wordpress website, the basic things to be maintained is content, design, technology and strategy.

Wordpress site management

The primary thing you have to do is optimize your wordpress core. While optimizing your wordpress core, you have to update core, themes and plugins, remove inactive plugins and themes and update server. WordPress gets updated nowadays and it’s important to make sure that you are updating your core which brings updated feature in wordpress. When inactive plugins and themes used in a website, wordpress lack to load smoothly. WordPress website management makes more user-friendly by removing menu items, disabling themes and plugin, disabling widgets and plugins, navigation process makes easy.

Create content with wordpress

For a successful content strategy, one has to plan, execute and track with some tips and tricks. First, you have to determine what the content for your marketing goals. Once you create content, make sure it is informative, seo-optimized, interesting to social media users, and once achieved, there lead to more potential customers. Next, conduct keyword research, draw up with content ideas to track and schedule.

Improve site speed with seo-friendly tips

When we improve seo-friendly tips, it automatically enhances the wordpress site faster. Main steps to follow like:

  1. Content delivery network

  2. CDN helps to boost the loading time of all your visitors and also can handle traffic coming to the website. It also offers many security services that help to protect the website from crawlers, bots and attackers and also to ensure faster loading performance.

  3. Compress image size

  4. Compressing image size will reduce your image size and hence, there is a chance of improving page loading performance. Adding alt text to images also improves the chance of getting a better result in google. There are many tools which are used to compress your images like ShortPixel.

  5. Use of a caching plugin

  6. A caching plugin is a must-have plugin with its benefits that improves the page speed and reduce the loading time on the webserver. There are many caching plugins available to wordpress like w3 total cache plugin, WP super cache.

WordPress maintenance

WordPress maintenance plan includes security, protection and performance. WordPress get secured only when website gets up-to-date and the risk of getting attacked the wordpress site reduces. It is also important to keep update the themes and plugins for a fully compatible wordpress version. Following things to be mastered when wordpress going to setup.

  1. Regular updates
  2. Backups
  3. Maintenance mode
  4. Spam
  5. Security
  6. Database optimization
  7. Multimedia optimization
  8. 404 error
  9. Monitoring