The best seo tips for the wordpress blog by Scott R. Asher

Scott R. Asher is one of the top holding a massive network of a niche wordpress blog with a huge number of social media followers. He specializes in building a wordpress website and blogs. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tackling technique with google. WordPress took as the best blogging platform provided with many seo tips and tools. The best exclusive tips for your wordpress blog is to maximize blog potential for a better wordpress website.

Why everyone chooses wordpress as the best blogging platform? The answer is quite simple, with wordpress features. The wordpress platform is free, WordPress enriched with many plugins that are free to use on your blog, Full help and support, mobile responsive website that help users to visit your blog.

Figure out you some seo tips for every wordpress blog needs:

Keyword research

Keyword research is an essential tip for on-page seo technique. Adding related keywords to a wordpress blog content helps better rankings in search engines. Proper keyword research and content ideas help to increase more traffic and grow more audience to your blog. Many tools help you find out the related keyword that suits your blog post content. There are some factors you achieve when finding proper keywords for your blog post like build up a loyal audience, earn more website traffic, relevant content to rank higher, understand your audience. Too much keyword stuffing difficult in good seo result. Try to include title, headings, introductory sentence, conclusion, meta description, anchor text in each of your blog post.

Image optimization

This method is a relatively simple step to consider while posting a wordpress blog. When you try to add images in the blog post, make sure you added an alt text field, keywords in the file name, keyword description. The technique also improves the organic visibility of the image.

Install yoast seo plugin

Yoast seo plugin is a must-have plugin to be included in a wordpress website. The plugin helps you to add title, meta description and focused keyword to each of your blog posts. To improve the chance of wordpress website visitors, you are writing a blog post. Thus, this plugin satisfies your needs by efficiently optimizing your wordpress site. Yoast plugin helps to keep track your website clean, and it is entirely free to download. It includes content analysis functionality.


Content is another important factor to perform better in google search results. The main thing that should note is that provide your content that your users need. Make sure your content is unique, useful for your readers, high-quality, well-structured and more. Optimizing your post and pages helps you to create seo friendly wordpress websites.

Use of social media

Social media presence for While exploring your website blog content or post to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google bookmark or any other social media sites helps to increase your website visibility and traffic. Programs like Hootsuite helps to link your blog post on various other social media.

Optimize blog is search engine friendly

To make sure the blog is search engine friendly few things need to consider like: Proper url structure, avoid spammy comments, allow search engine for crawling. Proper use of url helps to reach a huge number of visitors and improves the chance of reaching a better result in search results. When adding clear content of the page as url helps to read both humans and search engines.