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Have you ever thought of considering the potential of classified websites? If so you are in the right place and for sure its Yarddiant, a classified app development company . Now in this world where internet rules, chances of running a profitable online classified website is extremely high. It is crucial to take an effort in knowing the pros and cons of existing ones in the site that will be beneficial. If you are having an idea to start a website of similar nature, then you have to search for a classified website development company which can help you to make your website the best of all the time. And we know how to make your website number one.

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classified website development
classified app development

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Classified app development Case Studies

Being a custom web designing development company, we have developed 100+ websites of companies, that made us to earn customer trust and growth of online business.Best website development company websites

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Business Directory

Project Name : Nile Global Business

Project url :


Business Directory

Project Name : Go To Muslim

Project url :


Vehicle Broker

Project Name : Parklane motorcars

Project url :


Vehicle Broker

Project Name : SOS Truck for Sale

Project url :

sell in cars

Vehicle Broker

Project Name : SellinCars

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Are you Ready to Build classified app Platforms like

So, what kind of classified app development or classifieds website you want?

So, what kind of classified app or classifieds website are you looking for?

Are you looking for the appropriate job, or are you an employer looking for the right employee, or do you find yourself as an automobile dealer looking for the right customers? Don't worry, because our clients have been presented with numerous options. We have one of the best classified website builder teams for creating dynamic, responsive, aesthetic and interactive websites that bring in more traffic to the website and enhances your business.

Business Directories?

Job portals?

Gumtree classifieds?

Website like Craigslist?

Ad Classifieds?

Real-estate portals?

Olx or ebay?

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The best Classified website development company

Never heard of Yarddiant ? Let us tell you. Yarddiant, well known for its responsive and attractive websites, is a pioneer in the development of full-fledged classifieds websites where users may post classified ads to attract potential clients. Entrepreneurs, marketers, and advertisers can use our classified website template to promote their products and reach out to potential customers. We offer a complete, tailored classifieds package to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers.

Why Yarddiant For Classified Website Development?

Yarddiant's team of specialists, which includes programmers, classified website designers, and developers, excels at developing a cutting-edge approach for a high-quality, flexible website that is guided by market and client goals.Specialized in classified app development .It is solely dedicated to the creation of classified apps and we create the most efficient classified websites for our clients.

Lets team up together to launch your classified website! One size fits all!

List Ads/Profiles

You will be given a front-end interface via which you may list your profiles and post your ads.

Advance Search Filter

This allows the user to narrow down the results and conduct a more flexible search based on location and other criteria.

Social Networks Gives an Edge

Our experts will assist you with removing bugs and boosting efficiency by updating the application.

User-Friendly Admin Interface

Admin Interface That Is Easy to Use. An admin interface will be provided to control the entire website, and it may be used by anyone who isn't a programmer.

Google Map Integration

Adding a Google map or location to the listing makes it convenient and engaging for the user and helps them to avail services more easily.

One time Implementation

We will provide you with a complete, error-free solution that can be swiftly installed and hosted in your domain. Professional QA analysts will test the solution prior to implementation.

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HIGHLIGHTS on Classified
App Development Company - Yarddiant

SEO Friendly classified website structure and Design

Our team will improve your classifieds webpage ranking within the search engine results pages and produce considerable traffic by utilising Meta tags, correct keywords, and the best tried and true tactics. We assure a 100% SEO friendly classified app development!

Newsletter for classified websites

The template management system enables the administrator to send email marketing, promotions, and other messages to users, serving as a link between the administrator, sellers, and customer

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Classified Advance Search Option

The user can utilise the widget to filter the results and conduct a customizable search based on location and other criteria.

Report/ Favourite for Classified app designs

A person can report a specific ad, or they can identify an advertisement as their favourite, which will be included in the Favorites section.

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Timely Updates

Our clients will get a detailed project report status and updates on accomplished and pending milestones. All the plugins and themes will be tested according to new updates.

How To Monetize Your Classified Website ?

Integration of a secure payment channel for classified app development

Each transaction is easy and safe because it is integrated with a secure and powerful payment gateway system. The system secures your data and prevents it from being stolen, in addition to preserving user privacy. We use advanced CMS in our classifed app development.

For classified ads, there is a paid advertisement option.

The user can earn more money by using a variety of methods, including paid and featured adverts, such as Google Adsense. Premium advertisements, as well as free ads can be placed, to uplift your company's visibility. This gives more leads and revenue to your website.

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Advanced Content Management System for classifieds

Integrated with a powerful content management system, the user may fully use the broad and fantastic customization possibilities, ensuring complete control over the website's content generation and maintenance. Marketing the website has never been easier, thanks to excellent content and strategically proven SEO tactics.


Secure Payment Gateway Services for Classifieds

The payment gateway, when combined with customised payment gateway modules, makes transactions simple and helps the classifieds website to accept numerous currencies more readily while also ensuring a safe check-out process for clients. Another alternative is to save the card details so that they don't have to go through the complete process again in the future.

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Classified Advertiser Categories

It provides a more organised approach of listing categories and subcategories under the classified area based on location, making it easier for the user to navigate the section. The administrator may quickly manage and establish categories, as well as organise them based on their popularity. The search features of listing websites rely heavily on the use of these categories.

Classified Advertisement Management

Classified Advertisement Management

The key component of a classified website is the on-page advertising posting form with adjustable features, which enables the administrator to earn more cash from the website. The administrator can manage both general and tailored adverts in the same way, as well as adjust the features to suit their needs.

Classified Website Security

Classified Website Security

We've taken every precaution to keep the website secure. Prior to installation, we ensure that each link has a secure communication channel. The platform will be developed in such a way that hackers and other invaders would be unable to access the website. Every time the website is updated, security testing is performed.

With Yarddiant, you may enjoy a stress-free classified app design and template experience!

We guarantee that our users will receive a safe and high-quality user authentication service. Email and Phone user account verification help to avoid threats, security breaches and malicious third party activities.

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Verifying the user's identity

Threats, security breaches, and harmful third-party actions can all be avoided with email and phone user account verification.

Forget about spam!

Spamming was prevented, and trash and uninvited advertisements were reported.

Spam Detection using Classification

Unsolicited and spam advertisements put on the classifieds site can be filtered using e-mail and SMS verification, as well as the use of Captcha. This protects the website against fake ads. The admin verification option improves the legitimacy of all ads

FAQs on Classified design & Template Development

What does it cost to develop a classified website?

The cost of classified website development for a basic classified website requirement is $2000. The majority of the features will be found in this basic module. If you contact our sales team, we can set up a demo for you.

How long will it take to create a classified website?

We can give the finest with basic criteria in 25 working days as a top classified website development company.

Do you want to create websites similar to OLX?

Of course, as the leading classified website development company, our experts are well-versed in creating websites similar to OLX. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in collaborating with us.

How much does a website like OLX cost to develop?

You're probably aware that OLX is a heavy classified website with high-end features and functionalities. We are quite confident in our developers' ability to create one, and we have already done so. Our estimated cost is $13700.

How do you provide post-delivery support and maintenance?

After delivery, we provide three months of free maintenance and assistance. Then we'll bill you based on the number of hours we spent on the job.

Do you offer SEO for classified websites?

We guarantee a 100 percent SEO friendly structure for the classified website we create, which allows Google crawlers to crawl your classified website quickly, resulting in fast indexing of the ads put up by users. As a result, adverts for related keywords rank higher in Google search results.

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