How to build a website like craigslist?

A classified website is a site where anyone can post ads to promote local business and can find anything needed or wanted. These websites can sell any items to their local audience also. Like another classified website, It can post an unlimited amount of ads like job vacancy, sales, property and much more. Free advertising sites like craigslist consider as the most efficient classified service on the web to conduct business and this website support over 13 languages so, it can post ads over the supported languages. Primarily, when designing an alternative to craigslist website makes money while displaying advertising services.

Have you tried to develop an online classified website with wordpress? Why wordpress called the best content management system (CMS) to start a website like craigslist? The cost to make a website like craigslist based on a wordpress template is relatively low, and it is free, perfect for beginners. When you are creating a classified website with wordpress,neither you can use wordpress plugins or use with wordpress themes. If you are trying to install a wordpress theme, that transforms into a classified ads site with lots of features like private messaging, social sharing, integration with payment gateway, and so on. Therefore, you can create a feature-rich classified website using wordpress theme.

Are you able to create your online classified site like craigslist? Which feature makes craigslist stand out from other classified sites? The more you add features to classified websites, the more you can grow your business profile. Form for submitting ads, featured ads, search functionality, all these features needed to stay high on crating a classified website.

Follow the simple steps to build an online classified site like craigslist:

1. Provide a good domain name

The domain name is the name that makes your brand stand out from another website. For example, for craigslist, you may find the as domain name which entirely related to the brand name. If you are planning to launch a website, choose with a short, unique name, brandable, avoids any trademarks as your domain name. So, choosing the best domain name is an essential factor for launching a website.

2. Web hosting

Web hosting is a reliable service that allows an organization to post services needed for a website within the internet. When choosing the best web hosting service, it ensures a hassle-free experience for the business owners. One of the popular web hosting providers is HostGator.

3. Install WordPress and a classified theme

When you choose wordpress theme for your website, it provides you with the best-featured themes. WordPress theme is capable of giving features as search engine optimized, mobile responsive, perfect outlook with front-end and much more. There are some plugins which used as wordpress craigslist plugin. List you some of the best wordpress plugins: WP User Frontend, WPAdverts, AWPCP.

4. Launch

Craigslist has come to serve a unique place in the internet world, which has rolled over billion page views monthly. Choosing the best domain name, web hosting service, best CMS platform offers you to launch the website similar to craigslist.