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Yarddiant being a recruitment website development company has helped many clients from the various recruitment industry type.

We design and build a recruitment website for organizations all over the world. The recruitment agency website has taken out some features like design, job posting,candidate and employment portal, CMS, search engine optimization, and more. Our team has achieved the title of best recruitment agency website designing company with the help of skilled designers and developers who bring out the website in the best possible way. We build and design websites with the unique demands of everyone to satisfy your business needs.

Build your recruitment website from recruitment professionals. We are a dedicated recruitment agency to develop a website for those who are looking for a job recruiting site. We offer a quality website design for recruitment agencies all over the world which is fast, secure, reliable, attractive and fully responsive to meets your expectation
Explore the cutting edge features of the recruitment agency website:

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Advanced job search

This feature is entirely customizable, optimized and multilingual with the categorized job listing. For filtering hundreds of job opportunities, job search tools play an important part in every recruitment website.

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Powerful CMS

We build with powerful CMS like wordpress, gives full control over the website. Recruitment agency website built with an advanced, intuitive and automated editing tool. One thing to ensure is that your site is optimized, up-to-date and secure.

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Social media integration

With this feature, all social media platforms get easily integrated with a social media automation tool. Through this integration, you are allowed to post new content like job adverts, blog posts, marketing campaigns, events and more. Social media integration can quickly increase brand awareness, save more time, promote consultants to post more on various other social media platforms.

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Candidate portal and Client portal

The candidate portal allows the candidate to register online. So that candidates can easily update CV, sign up for job alerts and all other necessary information. There is a chance to increase candidate engagement and save your time during the application process. The client portal allows posting vacancy, login and review applications. The portal also helps to engage with potential clients and attract candidates to your other relevant vacancies.

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