Readymade classified website development

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A Readymade classified website is those who made to post ads like newspaper classifieds. We can post all our requirements, paid on ads on this website which give you an income from buying and selling. There are a lot of features in a classified website like a guest post, sponsored post and Google AdSense etc. Many benefits hit in the readymade classified website like you can post properties, jobs, products as for sold.

Yarddiant gives you a perfect readymade classified website with a lot of features that helps you to make your site top on the list and successful. Yarddiant focuses on readymade classified websites because we are the best team for it. We are creating it not only for a benefit but also for supporting small business entrepreneurs who are seeking an income from the readymade classified website.

Run successful classified website development solutions for your business!

  • Admin and User login
  • Categorised listing
  • Theme and designed focused
  • Payment management
  • Dashboard details
  • Pages and blogs
  • Detailed description and Ad reports
  • Location settings and CMS
  • Live chat support

Why we give you a readymade classified website?

We know that there are many people who need a classified site but don’t know where to start. Some people didn’t have any idea to create and use. For those people who are interested in working on it can reach us to get a complete solution for a readymade classified website. Yarddiant provides you with detailed information for your website and helps to achieve your goal.
The readymade classified websites help you to start a business without creating a new website at an affordable price. We provide you with turnkey web designs for your profession. There are a lot of advantages in a readymade classified website like

  • Got installed contents, banners and design
  • Cheap
  • No worries about the technical side
  • Got more profit
  • Mobile friendly
  • Timeless and you can do it from your home itself

Case Study

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The Boat Market





More than these things, you are getting ready to use the classified website. So you don’t need to worry about designers and developers. When you are working in a better CMS platform like wordpress, it makes ready and straightforward websites to promote and start in your server. The readymade website has the advantage to add pages and blogs. Admin side with a control panel access to the owner makes simple handling of the website by himself.