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If you need to create a craigslist clone website with the help of a web development company, no need to look further when Yarddiant Web Lounge is here to fulfill your dream website. We offer you with the best web development services to enhance your website meeting all your requirements.

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craigslist clone

Craigslist clone website

Craigslist clone is replication of the craigslist website with all of its features and functions available. The main intention is to give users a platform similar to craigslist to post or search for any ads on products and services.

Craigslist is an USA based classified ads website for buying and selling a wide range of items and services like jobs, housing, gigs, resumes, community services, and discussion forums. Craigslist is the best place to meet your buying and selling demands. Having such a website could help you in growing your business in this world moving with technological improvement. Here, you will get to know about craigslist clones and how to build a craigslist clone website.

craigslist clone script

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Lets build your craigslist clone website together

Maybe you are looking for a platform to buy or sell any items, business directories, portals related on real estate or any job portals.

But how to put into effect?
No worries!
Join us to develop the best craigslist clone. We are determined in delivering craigslist clone website with best quality matching all your requirements.

Business Directories?

Job portals?

Website like Craigslist?

Ad Classifieds?

Real-estate portals?

How can we make the craigslist clone more impressive?

SEO optimized ads

We specialize in SEO optimized ads to improve search engine visibility by conducting keyword research and other SEO activities.

Customizable design

We work together to make the website more interactive for the visitor using latest designs and technologies. User needs are taken into account while designing the website.

Advanced Filters

This option allows the user to refine the search results based on different criterias. It is easier for users to have more clear search on their specific needs.

Flagging spam ads

We provide flagging service to avoid placing spam ads by removing all unwanted ads posted. Users can use this service to report spammers out there.

Advanced admin panel

Admin of craigslist script has full dominance over the website and they can manage all these areas. Ad management, user login history, payment history, export data in different formats.

Easy to use

Can start posting the ads after the registration or login process. There are many ways in which you can register and login. And any users can login through mail or even social media. Users can also post their adverts on different social networking sites to quickly reach millions of people.

Payment gateway integration

We incorporate payment gateway with the website facilitate safe transactions. So the user can receive and fulfill the transaction through payment gateway.

Features of having a craigslist clone

These are some of the features that are included while planning to build a craigslist clone website with us.

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SEO friendly

The craigslist clone website is made with a deep focus on SEO. We do our best to make it more SEO friendly to help your classified site get ranked on google and get more traffic. Some SEO factors done in websites include optimizing the images to improve the page loading speed, well structured navigation given.

Simple Interface

Before technology existed, people got to know about the ads through the newspapers and magazines. So craigslist is created to make its interface look like those in newspapers. This gives craigslist a simple user interface without much design which helps in improving the loading speed. This could reduce the bounce rate.

Craigslist flagging service

Flagging service is available to keep spammers away from placing spam ads in the website. With this flagging system websites can be kept a safe place for the users by removing all unwanted ads posted. Users can use this system anytime when they find a spam post.

Ad filters

There is a feature in our craigslist clone for the seller to set option to filter the product according to its features and categories which will improve the user experience

Product insights

The sellers could track their product reach on the platform and could take further decisions on their product promotions.

Along with these features it is important to consider some other factors as well for the success of craigslist clone

Business Model

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From these business models choose the right one suiting your business.

  1. Fixed classified: The charge is fixed based on the ads posted on the website. More customers can be gained through this model by offering discounts.
  2. Freemium classified: Huge customer base can be made with this model by attracting users to post free ads.
  3. Niche classified: This is a perfect model for those who focus on a specific niche. It can be either a job or real estate or any other. This may attract users looking for any specific one.
  4. All-in-one Classified: This model is apt if you want to gain a large customer base with all 3 above classifieds i.e., fixed, freemium and niche classifieds.


You have to choose the right development process to make a craigslist clone website.

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  • Craigslist clone Open source: It will be easy for you to build a wordpress craigslist clone website in an open source platform like wordpress available with many template designs and plugins, but limits its custom theme.
  • Custom developed : Custom development is possible to build websites deciding the functionalities and design including the craigslist clone script. But it may be costly and time consuming.


As craigslist is a non profit platform these monetization models will help in earning profit.

Banner ads: Displaying other enterprises ads on your website for a payment.

Premium membership: Membership offers given to customers for enjoying premium services.

Subscription: For websites and organizations that must post regularly, this monetization strategy works well. All you have to do is charge your website's sponsors a monthly or yearly fee. However, make sure they've taken advantage of the free trial before asking them to enroll.

Pay per cost: here we use the forward method where advertisers will pay for each post.