WordPress News: Tips and Tricks for the WP CSV to Database Plugin by WPmash

Before getting to know the tips and tricks of wp csv to database plugin, let us look forward to what is a wp csv database plugin. The comma-separated-values is abbreviated as csv format is just a text file. Wp csv database plugin is a functionality plugin that allows you to insert all the csv file content into the wp database; likewise, you can also export wp database content to a csv file. The csv file is a file that you use Microsoft Excel to enter all the content and save it to a csv file. Bulk data helps to import from a csv file, and it gets export from the database to a csv file. When csv file used in wordpress, it helps you to create an account only when the website contains content. With wp csv plugin, you can easily upload file to a database which improves productivity and saves your manual labour, cost. Now, will mention you the best wordpress database plugins:

WordPress database search and replace plugin

Managing wordpress database helps you to keep track all the records of the website. One of the newest wordpress database plugin which adapts the current technology. It includes features like database backup and restores, replaces text or URL, runs SQL queries, import and export functions and more.

WP-DB manager

It is a very useful plugin that operates various database operations like optimizing the database, backup database, restoring database, handle sql tables and more.

BackWPup Free

It is a wordpress backup plugin that helps to take backup easily from any website. Having an expert wordpress developer, complete database backup can be recovered easily stored in a proper place. The plugin offers various features like optimize the database, check and repair the database. It supports five languages. What features made wp csv to database plugin famous? While importing csv file is a useful and straightforward plugin for wordpress comparing other plugins you use. Using this plugin, importing csv information into a database helps to build a good content creation and saves time. Wp csv supports all wp features like a flexible filter system, simple user interface, custom field, post, pages, tags, custom post types and more. Wp csv to database plugin helps to bulk update wp eCommerce store products from a csv file. The plugin won’t work on all servers, and so you have to import content into the MySQL database directly. The eCommerce store automatically assigns a unique ID for each of the products you added to the store. Wp csv database plugin works well for small size files.

Usage of the plugin

Usage of Wp csv to database plugin describes within simple four steps: select database table, input file, starting a row, disable auto_increment row and update database row.

Select database table

The chosen database table will display the structure of the table in the order the same as appeared in the database and the data appear in the drop-down menu order.

Select input file

Here, when using the upload button, it helps to initiate wordpress uploader and manager. The button upload helps to locate the file used for execution, and the file can be uploaded directly from a computer or media library.

Select starting row

Here, it contains rows that have the customization option for the .csv file and get converted to database table entries during the importation.

Disable auto_increment column

This option is only needed when the whole database table is selected.

Update database rows

It is the primary way of adding entries to a database. The plugin will add a new listing in the database for each .csv row.