A guide to know how do I manage my wordpress database?

As wordpress known for its popular content management system, which used PHP MySQL for its database management system. Like wordpress, MySQL is also an open-source software and works best. For the installation of wordpress you need a MySQL database. The database is a set of structured data to store as a table and files. WordPress hosting provides MYSQL from their pack to store the database. To find wordpress database host, after creating the database you can find hostname and other details by login to

  1. GoDaddy account
  2. Click on Web Hosting
  3. Next to hosting account, you want to use, click on Manage
  4. On Database click MySQL on the database type for which you want the hostname
  5. From the databases, click on Action next to the database you want to use, and then click Details for you to check WordPress database management plugins

A full stack wordpress developer able to manage both the database and the website development. There are a lot of plugins which support wordpress database, for cleaning, updating, improving etc. Some of the database plugin wordpress are

  • WP optimize
  • WP-DB manager
  • Vault press
  • WP-DB backup
  • WP Cleaner Pro

Database table

Databases have tables which as sections in your database system. Every table has columns and data is stored as rows. as below mentioned employee details, you can see the table listed.

  • employee_id
  • employee_name
  • employee_joining_date
  • employee_phone_no

With all the simple SQL commands, wordpress itself creates tables in your database. At the time of creation, a default installation of wordpress creates the following table

  • wp_commentmeta- The table includes all the information included in wordpress about the meta comments. Meta_value, comment_id, meta_id, and meta_value are the four fields of this table.
  • wp_comments- table includes wordpress comments like URL, email, author name, comments.
  • wp_links- This table manages link manager plugins and blogrolls in wordpress.
  • wp_options – in this table site-wide setting of a wordpress platform like default category, posts per page and much more are included.
  • wp_postmeta – The meta-information related in wordpress like custom post types, pages, and posts is add in this table.
  • wp_posts- All content and post types are included in this table.
  • How wordpress database management occurs?

    Exploring all the powerful advantages in your website helps for a better wordpress development . You should know how to do certain things in wordpress database. It is a must to learn to do specific tasks on your wordpress database. It managed by phpMyAdmin easy and open-source application. There are plugins for database back up also. By using phpMyAdmin, you can do

    • Accessing PHPMy admin
    • PHP my admin for database backup
    • To import a database back up
    • For optimizing wordpress database