404 error pages

404 Not Found Error means an HTTP error, which indicates that the page has been removed or moved; otherwise, the URL typed incorrectly. This error message shows the page under maintenance or renamed and some other issues, but this is to be checked and to solve immediately. 404 page not found may frequently be occurring once your website number of pages gets increased, and the links get broken. When a customer is going through this broken link, it may show this 404 error, so the customer will not visit your website, and there you can see traffic drop using google analytics. You can avoid this by doubling your checking webmasters and another process.

What are the things you can do to find a solution for not getting this 404 error?

  1. Tracking the broken link and making it correct

  2. For this, you can use google analytics for monitoring the corrupted link. You should entirely check your website for the broken links. By adding a filter in google analytics, check the link with a periodic basis. It will show how many visits per time for this. Redirecting the broken link will make visitors go through other things on your website. Ads can be included in this 404 error coming page, and you can earn money from this also.

  3. Page listings should be check

  4. Regularly check your page listings on your site that it should not show 404 errors. By checking the new URL of the page in search engine. This URL should cover the information on the old page.

  5. Coding issues

  6. Sometimes there may be coding issues that will show 404 errors, so be aware that coding is not an issue for the error.

  7. Redirecting into CMS

  8. You can redirect the links into your CMS. In the admin side, you can do it so the visitor will not get irritated about this 404 error message.

    An error message like this can affect your SEO ranking, crawling, indexing and diversely affect the overall performance of website development services. There are three types of 404 errors

  • Always focus on customer needs
  • Please make sure you are 24/7 available for them to help
  • You can use multiple language
  • Site updating and adding new information is a must
  • Try to always rank in SEO a better position
    • External 404’s
    • Internal 404’s
    • Outgoing 404’s

    In this internal 404 error are mainly look forward and to detect. User experience will be poor because of the error message. There is one more error called Soft 404 errors. Soft 404 error should happen when a web server returns a response code more than a 404 word. Soft 404 error was not an HTTP code. The search engine gets confused about this code because these soft error page not exist.