Traffic metrics google analytics

You can recover many reasons why your website traffic dropped suddenly. The main issue leads to the traffic drop due to sudden removal of google analytic code after a website update, or your website being penalized by Google.

There you can find out different ways to determine and clear it. Through Google analytics, it is easy to find the user in different groups and to check which one has been reduced. You may ask questions to yourself that what the reason for this drop? Is there any SEO attack on my website? In what ways it impacted website?

Focus on checking simple things first

For struggling to rank a website in the SERP, you should focus on advanced tactics and simple search engine optimization strategies. The 200 series status code shows that your website is successfully communicating. HTTP status code checker is there to determine your website sending request. If it is not just troubleshooting with failed code like 404 error and check bot is crawling your website.

Identifying traffic sources

Check your sources when your traffic drops, where you are losing. The main sources are direct, organic, paid, referral, and social. Once you find out the drop, troubleshoots it. For example, you got a drop from organic you have hit with Google penalty or your fallen is due to direct maybe there is a change in usual client landscape.

Lost Links

If you lost your link, the traffic drop will happen. To check this switch to backlink dashboard and click update backlink so backlink page should be updated. Get in touch with Webmaster so you can reclaim the link you lost.

Site migration, redesign and other changes

If you updated your website there may be chances to fall in traffic. So whenever you redesigned or edited something check is there any crawl problems. For this go to Google console and to crawl from there to crawl errors. Switch the tabs and check graphs for checking issues.

On-page issues

Maybe you have broken links use HTML features to find out problems in tags. Sometimes your site may be hacked, but you can check within Google webmaster. Load your site in GWT notifications will send to your mail-id. We can decrease the on-page issue by doing like this. Slow loading of pages will effect tremendously and thus it can improve page speed by google page speed criteria.

CTR Rankings

CTR-click through rate should also a factor to measure how good your keywords when you got drop n this it impacts on ranking. In search console checks the status of dropped links and CTR and work against this to solve the issue.