The ways to improve your page speed by google page speed criteria

Have you thought about the google page speed criteria? Owning a website things needed to consider is design, development, performance, and mostly the speed which incorporated overall site performance. Page speed is the speed taken by the individual page to load on your website. Page speed favorable to many factors like website performance, server performance, service provider, and more. When you are planning to develop a conversion-driven or search engine optimized website, speed plays an essential role in web development. If a website loads faster within a few seconds, people will stick on your page and makes a conversion. Google page speed insight is a tool to measure your web page performance, get to know the ways to improve the performance and seo. And if google page speed insight loads your website and returns 100% result, then you can analyze that your website is 100% fast. So, it makes a clear definition that the better the fast loading of your website, makes lower the bounce rate. Why is it crucial to optimize your site speed? By optimizing your site speed, its clear to attain good ranking and conversion lead.

When google page speed criteria matter, there is a chance of drop in traffic. The main fatal error occurs due to the sudden removal of google analytical code. So, follow some tips to improve your website speed and recognize traffic drop with google analytic code:

Strictly optimize image format

By placing highly-sized images, it strictly increases the page speed of your website. The problem leads to slow pages, and low ranking is mainly due to large-sized images. When you try to reduce the size of images simultaneously, you can see the difference in the page speed of a website. Many simple compression tools are available to reduce image size. So, proper compression and optimization have taken for images. And you have to make sure about the image file type, such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF. The main thing to be noted is that when you try to reduce the size of an image to a maximum, the image quality should not differ. When you build feature-rich wordpress website as your platform, then there are many options to optimize any size image formats, and many plugins are also available to resize images.

Use of CDN

Content Delivery Network, which shortly abbreviated as CDN, is a clear solution to increase the overall speed of a website. When your website hosted in one server, the traffic which has on your website will process on the same server and slows downloading time. Many sites with content delivery networks that offer high page loading speed are Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and more.

Use a reliable hosting and decrease server response time

A good DNS (Domain Name System) helps you to load your page loads fastly and quickly. The traffic you receive, software server uses, hosting, and resources are the factors that affected your server response time. Using a faster DNS can boost up all your processes. Proper hosting improves the performance of your website. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server are the three option available to choose the right hosting options. Without having proper hosting, it affects the page speed, and site speed leads to a decrease in conversion. So, When you have a proper and good hosting plan, it automatically improves your page load speed.