How to make a website like Yelp?

Yelp was found in 2004 by PayPal employees as a business service directory headquartered in California. It’s a crowd sourced local business and social networking site. Yelp is free at its primary and paid options are also there if you need more features. The yelp users can update their reviews for your business or services with a rating system by five stars. Yelp has many uses like connecting with your customer, managing your yelp business page, and growing your business.

Strictly follow some simple steps to develop a website like a yelp:

Choosing a CMS platform

To create a website, CMS is a must because it makes easy for web developers. A good CMS can stuff out all difficulties which kick out to enter responsive web design . So wordpress is the best choice for CMS, where you can work easily and simple with a lot of themes and plugins, adding new pages with contents and images.

Choosing a domain and web hosting

To build a website choosing a proper domain name is the must-have a solution for a web hosting. A web address is the identity to reach your website like as a domain name, so users can easily reach your website through this. Without a domain name, people can’t enter your site. Web hosting service is needed to store all your data on your website. Therefore, users can get allowed to use your website 24/7.

Installing listingpro theme

Listing pro is a highly professional theme and used for directory and listing website. It has advanced features to build a website like Yelp, and they have automatic location finder, secure payments, adding a new list, and filter usage. Additional features also are newly added like whatsapp call, near me, multi language functional, flag and report so on. By using this, your user can easily search out things.

There are varieties of Listing pro to use like LISTIFY, CZAR. Making categories and putting a price for things are all can be cope up with the Listingpro.

Promoting your website

After developing your website, you will focus on your business, so branding and promotion is important. The important thing is you should not be targeted only to make money but also to maintain your website. For that, you should take steps like advertising, regular checking of outdated listing, maintaining blogs to increase visitor view, use social media, SEO.

By using simple steps like this, you can create your website and enjoy your business by following methods. Yelp clone website helps you to give the best reviews and suggestions or solutions to increase your business. Moreover, you can delete the bad reviews and comments.