Tools for online lead generation that will boost sales

Learn more the basics of eCommerce and its applications

What is eCommerce?

Lead generation is the most crucial challenge in any business, and it is the process of identifying the leads that hit your business. Lead is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Yet! Customers play an important role in any lead generation business. If customers can make a lead, then the business gets converted. Many lead generation tools help to generate more potential customers, and search engine optimization is yet another way to generate consistent leads. But seo methods will take some time, and there we use tools. Tips and tools may work for all business goals but to determine which tools best suit for your lead generation business. There are many lead generation tools like google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and more. Using the tools, you can understand how easily it saves time to meet the solutions and the way of attracting more potential customers for your business needs.

Figure you out the tools helps in lead generation:

Google Ads

Google ads is one of the most popular lead generation tool used on many websites. Adwords is the most common word in the digital advertising field and used to target a business audience with online ads. It is the better place to generate more leads for a business, and google ads can place on your websites for collecting leads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a platform that can attain easily more leads. Facebook can help you to get more reviews on your page and posts. By placing ads on facebook, a wide audience reached as a potential customer. As it works on google ads, facebook ads also work simple and reach targeted marketers.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the most popular platform that targets a specific organizational role and to promote your business services. It offers you a way to extract the best quality leads to boost your business sales. LinkedIn ads is also a significant lead generating tool which can bring good leads and sales. LinkedIn ads help to reach a large professional audience in your business. There are various other linkedIn formats like sponsored content, sponsored mail, text ads, dynamic ads. LinkedIn has a smaller audience rather than google and facebook.


Quora is a free lead generation tool that can produce quality leads through question-type queries. It is similar to Yahoo answers, but the targeted audience reach is more to quora, which will create your brand awareness.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is yet another online marketing tool for business. Twitter ads also generate more leads through a range of content promotion options. It has many different ads posting options like ads you depend, reach to the targeted audience, promoted tweets, trends, and accounts. Twitter ads are the best possible way to reach influencers in your industry.