Computer Tips, Tricks, and Unauthorized Attacks on Numerous WordPress Blogs

Blogging is a platform where anyone can share their expressions in the form of information that connects with the community. If you are much keen about knowing the future of the blog, then wordpress is the best option for it. WordPress considered a complete open-source blogging platform . Building a successful wordpress blog can be a horrifying task as you want to drive more traffic and ultimately fabricate it.

In many ways, an attack has made within a wordpress site. The most common thing you have to ensure is about the wordpress security features. These security features help you out the attack over hundreds of wordpress blogs. If you find “siteurl” value in the wordpress database, there you find entire blog layout breaks, and it enables the users to reach out to the website. There are many ways that security attacks kill over your wordpress blogs like an outdated version of wordpress, vulnerabilities in plugins and themes, weak passwords, malicious redirect and many more.

List you some computer tips and tricks that to be taken care of before wordpress blog attack.

  1. Choose the right platform

  2. The most important thing that everyone makes sure is choosing the right platform to start your wordpress blog. is a platform for blog hosting services where blogs can post as free.

  3. WordPress blog security

  4. WordPress blog security helps you to start quick, easy, and free if you are starting with your wordpress blog. To make secure, you must remove immediately any logins that have exploited, remove unwanted information from the cache plugin, add a firewall to your blog, install a wordpress plugin to protect, scan and remove malware from your blog.

  5. Use of antispam plugins

  6. Another issue we have found in the wordpress blog is spam comments. This issue may goes your visitors disappointing when they start going through wordpress blogs. So, to solve this issue, install an antispam plugin. The working process of this plugin is simple if it runs over the cloud-based algorithm, and it separates spam comments.

  7. Commenting policies

  8. Commenting policies let allowing anyone to post comments on your blog without getting any approval, it turns to massive spam attack. Spam attack is the distraction you are getting to your email inbox, but it gets hidden from it.

  9. Vulnerabilities in themes and plugins

  10. Vulnerability to themes and plugin are the major threats to a wordpress website. So make sure about the proper working of a site from a trusted source. To avoid such vulnerabilities, sucuri wpscan database introduced which lists out all the vulnerabilities and fix can be made quickly or inform the associated web development company.

  11. Check your blog in different web browsers

  12. One of the best tips to resist attack over the wordpress blog is to enhance your blog. If you test in every browser, the working process will be smooth and the chance of increase for visitors to your blog. You have to make sure the following conditions work appropriately or not.

  • Is the navigation process make it easy or not?
  • High loading speed
  • Is text is easy to read or not?
  • Are images displaying in a proper way or not?
  • Any issues left or not?

Think about security before how blogs get attacked. In short, maintain, secure and optimize your blog to avoid the common wordpress blogging mistakes.