Recommended WordPress Plugin: WYSIWYG Editor for WordPress - Version 3

Wordpress gets known for its functionality, scalability, and plugins that help users to achieve anything they needed. There are many plugins readily available for wordpress, even for visual editing. WordPress considered wysiwyg editor as the best wordpress page builder plugin.

A wysiwyg editor builds with drag and drop applications that allow anyone to add rows, columns, text blocks, images, headers into a wordpress page or post. The editor enriched with lots of features like easy-to-use-interface, front-end editing option, fully responsive to mobile devices, support custom css, templating system, able to work with any wordpress theme, and many more. Since it has a drag and drop option that allows you to upload articles and post quickly. Front-end editing will enable you to see the output live without it gets to appear on the page. The editor is robust with many button options for writing content. The button options include style, bullet list, and so on. WordPress uses a javascript plugin for a wysiwyg editor called TinyMCE, and it is the most fast forward wysiwyg html editor.

Wysiwyg editor for wordpress-3 is the most recommended wordpress plugin. Here, show you out the best wordpress wysiwgy editor.

  1. Divi builder

  2. Divi builder is yet another clean-coded visual editor plugin available. Divi builder is fully responsive and built with elements with a simple drag and drop applications.


    1. Fast and simple to use
    2. Support pages and custom post
    3. Fully responsive design
    4. Work with any wordpress theme
    5. custom css
  3. Visual composer

  4. Visual composer is one of the best wysiwyg editor plugins for wordpress with both back-end and front-end editor that works well with any wordpress theme. The theme has many pre-defined layouts when compared to other plugins but it has only limited features. There is no need of understanding coding when customizing pages using visual composer.


    1. Seo optimized theme
    2. Fully responsive
    3. Support all the wordpress shortcodes
    4. Support wordpress widgets, sidebar editor, header editor, footer editor
    5. Support both backend and frontend editor
    6. Load fastly
    7. Support Woocommerce plugin
  5. Site origin page builder

  6. It is one of the most popular wordpress page builders and it is absolutely free in fact. Site origin page builder gets integrated with any wordpress theme and build with responsive grid-based page content. This also takes the options for both backend and frontend editing but it does not have many styling options as that included in wyswigy editor.


    1. Free to download
    2. Support over pages, post and custom post
    3. work with any wordpress theme
    4. Live editing
    5. Use your favorite widget styles
  7. Gutenberg wordpress editor

  8. The gutenberg wordpress editor is an elegant page builder that becomes a part of the wordpress core. This editor was released with features like a completely free, clean user interface, drag-and-drop page builder. Gutenberg comes up with some samples of the blocks like content summary, list block, image block, video block, social link blocks and much more.


    1. Dynamic options
    2. Blocks options
    3. Text columns
  9. Elementor Page Builder

  10. This is a likely new wordpress visual editor and knows as an open-source wordpress page builder. It extended its functionality by building themes, add-ons, and products. Elementor page builder lets save your layouts as a templating system. It includes over more than 50 design elements like images, text widgets, testimonial, social media, sliders and so on.


    1. Support with any wordpress themes
    2. Responsive mobile-friendly design
    3. Frontend editing
    4. Work with any wordpress plugins
    5. Revision history