5 Best WordPress Security Plugin 2017

It’s a fact that more than 25 percentages of websites in the world are built in wordpress; all thanks to its well-organized structure and user-friendly nature of wordpress . Owing to its popularity, the number of users has increased, and in turn, the hackers became more interested in hacking wordpress websites. WordPress websites remained vulnerable when the core and plugins were not updated. Sometimes, the hackers were smart enough to intrude through these vulnerabilities. Once they got into the website, it was easy for them to hack the whole server.

WordPress developers all around the world worked together to keep the vulnerabilities at bay. Every update of wordpress addressed specific security issues, and wordpress security plugins were doing an excellent job to harden the security. Many free and premium plugins were available from different organizations or developers. These plugins acted as security tools for wordpress websites. Here we are suggesting the top 5 wordpress security plugins that can be used for providing security to your site.

  1. All in One WP Security and Firewall

  2. It is one of the comprehensive Security plugins with a range of functionalities. This plugin acts as a scanner by keeping track of all the files associated with your wordpress website. It will stay aside hot-linking of images and will prevent fake Google-bots from crawling your website.

  3. Jetpack

  4. Jetpack, one of the popular plugins in the wordpress community has certain automatic features. It is a mash-up plugin with which you can design, secure and drive traffic into the website. These combinations worked very well and made it an ultimate tool-kit.

  5. Sucuri Security

  6. Sucuri Security plugin keeps aside the malicious activities that can harm your wordpress website . If the plugin is activated, it will keep the list of all files in the site and will continuously monitor it. Whenever a threat is found with any of these files, you will be notified. The plugin will surely keep you secure from all the attacks.

  7. Wordfence Security

  8. Wordfence Security is the most popular wordpress security plugin. It has over 1 million installations till date. This plugin takes note of attackers and is blocked from Wordfence activated websites. Besides, the plugin prevents excessive login attempts.

  9. Login Lockdown

  10. It is one of the most simple security plugins in wordpress. The plugin will note down the IP addresses with too many login attempts in a short period. These attackers are prevented by merely blocking the IP addresses.

WordPress maintenance

WordPress maintenance plan includes security, protection and performance. WordPress get secured only when website gets up-to-date and the risk of getting attacked the wordpress site reduces. It is also important to keep update the themes and plugins for a fully compatible wordpress version. Following things to be mastered when wordpress going to setup.

  1. Regular updates
  2. Backups
  3. Maintenance mode
  4. Spam
  5. Security
  6. Database optimization
  7. Multimedia optimization
  8. 404 error
  9. Monitoring