IOT-WordPress Amalgamation

The Internet has transformed the way we live, communicate, interact and manage the business. Without any tint of doubt, we can say that the Internet is nowadays becoming a robust platform for every business. There is almost no business out there any longer that doesn’t rely on the World Wide Web in some capacity.

What is IOT?

Internet of Things (IOT) is altogether a new theory that defines how a person interacts with the physical world. The term Internet of Things generally refers to a particular scenario where network connectivity and computing capability extends to objects, sensors and everyday items. However, wearables are not normally considered as computers, allowing these devices to produce, manage and exchange data with least human intervention. In the broadest sense, Internet of Things includes everything connected to the internet, but it is more progressively being used to define things that “talk” to each other. IOT offers web users the chance to be more proficient in how we perform our daily activities by saving our time, money, effort and many emissions in the process. It allows companies, governments, and public authorities to re-think how they deliver services and produce goods. This is transforming the way the enterprises scale their operations.

As already mentioned in the introduction, the Internet of Things means connecting things to the World Wide Web to make them remotely accessible. Right now, the Internet of Things is mostly made up of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, or computers. However, in the future, wearables can apply to any products. Say, home appliances, parts of industrial machines, and heavy machinery like planes, etc; and also the ones people carry on their body.

Alright, now we know more about what an IOT is, let’s talk about how it can interact with wordpress. We will talk about a few tools which will enable us to understand the entire concept.


If This, Then That (IFTTT) is centered around two basic concepts: DO recipes and IF recipes. The idea is that you can cause outcomes to happen (the DO part) in response to certain events (the IF part). IFTTT recipes can be used against particular services, and wordpress is one of the existing options. For example, IFTTT lets you share your latest wordpress posts with a specific tag to LinkedIn, automatically post Instagram pictures on your blog or log all blog posts in a calendar or spreadsheet. The service is effortless to use even for people who can’t program as a single mouse click can do almost everything.

2. littleBits

If you’re going down the maker route regarding creating your own IOT devices, littleBits is going to be a particularly exciting option to explore. littleBits consists of electronic building blocks that can be used to invent all kinds of new devices and then connect them to the Internet through the platform’s API. The electronic building blocks are color-coded which makes them super easy to use, magnetic which makes it convenient to join with one another and reusability means the user can use a set of building blocks to create several different inventions.

3. Particle

The particle is a popular service that enables users to transit between prototypes to production and builds an Internet of Things product. The service provides users with a cloud-connected hardware development kit that makes it easy to prototype their ideas. The particle is a platform for connecting IOT devices to the web. They offer all the necessary software from device management tools, the ability to connect via Wi-Fi or cellular network, development IDEs, a command line interface as well as SDKs.

Therefore, the Internet of Things is an idea whose time has arrived. We’re presently at the very beginning of a rush towards a future where the measureless majority of devices we collaborate with are internet enabled. Being a significant shareholder on the web, wordpress will play a vital role in this. Today we already have ways to connect wordpress to the IOT, mostly through plug-ins and third-party services.