SEO Tips for WordPress: Permalinks, Categories, and Handling Duplicate Content

WordPress has emerged as the best content management system for SEO. Search engines are pretty much involved to attain high online traffic. Every business owners are likely to achieve such traffic that involved with seo and to develop a website in wordpress leads the search engine to rank higher.

Here, list you out the wordpress seo tips for permalinks:

WordPress has come over the with the use of permalinks and have some automatic permalink option. Permalinks are the urls that link to a particular website page or post, categories which make it more comfortable, search-engine friendly for both search engine crawlers and visitors to navigate across your website. The working process of wordpress helps to change the permalink without having any defect to the website content. The permalinks you used in wordpress can edit. In what ways permalinks helps in wordpress seo? With the use of permalink, search engine crawlers help to get a hint for a relevant keyword that focused on getting indexed. Seo friendly urls keep keyword of your site that allows the users and search engines easy to read.

What benefits you while changing permalinks? Permalinks used to attain direct traffic to your website via search engine optimization integration. Changing permalinks will helps the user to understand clearly the post. So, it helps wordpress to create custom permalinks that are easy to remember, consistency, easy to spell and analyze. WordPress takes an option to create short, clear and simple permalinks that look perfect with your website setup. Weirdly, customized permalinks help to prevent duplicate content. WordPress plain permalink structure is not user-friendly.

WordPress seo tips for categories:

Category pages are available on all kinds of wordpress website . Categories help to create content within a wordpress website in a logical manner or in a simple way we can describe it as the process of different grouping posts together. In wordpress, when you want to list blogs, you need to group them logically. The best part of using categories in a wordpress website, it assigns a new blog post to a specific category, and it automatically appears on your site.

Is the category page boost your wordpress seo? Yes! In the category page, seo title seems to be the most important thing to be optimized in google search engine results. If you are trying to create seo title, it should be more convenient for both search engines as well as for users. The category helps in seo ranking by adding descriptive title, image, and meta description for each category. Therefore, with the use of category page, you have all the seo benefits, and it leads to a better experience for your users which improves overall search ranking results.

One of the most common issues which we found from seo category page is duplicate content. When category pages provide duplicate content, it’s difficult to rank higher in SERPs. Google shows the category pages only when a website constructed with seo structure. What are the different ways that you can optimize category pages? First, you have to make sure about the structure of your website. All you need is to remove irrelevant pages from your site to increase website performance. Second, focus on your website quality content and title.

WordPress seo tips for duplicate content:

Google has mentioned about the practice of making unique content for better seo results. The common issue found in wordpress seo is duplicate content. When duplicate content occurs, it’s difficult for google to rank better. How can google recognize your website content duplicate copy? Google crawlers crawl a different site, there they found a copy of your same content from another url and found it difficult to show in search results. The duplicate content issues occur in different ways like: first, url variation that many url systems create multiple versions of the same page. Second, the usage of HTTP and HTTPs and here, when a single website runs in both version on google and there google find out the duplicate copy of one another. Third, copied content yet another issue.

What happens when a single site carries a lot of duplicate content? The most relevant issue you can find out when a website takes a huge amount of duplicate content is an organic visit to your site will be less. Next, google penalty issues is yet another thing suffers in the ranking of a website.