WordPress plugin installation helps the internet

WordPress is one of the famous content management systems that hold many numbers of plugins and themes. WP themes, plugins, extensions are available on the internet. WordPress has raised the ability over the internet. So, all you need is internet connectivity is the basis to install wordpress and wordpress plugins.

WordPress plugin is the tool that helps you build and optimize your site, maintain, and adds extra functionality to a wordpress site. Installation of a plugin on your wordpress website is relatively more straightforward. Plugin repository can be put on somewhere else on the internet. When creating a wordpress website with advanced functionality, your visitors will be able to locate your website on the internet. Therefore we can consider the wordpress plugin as the edge over your competitors. To install a wordpress plugin, all you need to do is keep the plugin files into the wp-content/plugins directory. Once you installed the plugin, you can activate or deactivate the plugin through the wp-admin section. Some criteria you must take into consideration before you install a wordpress plugin. WordPress is regularly updating, and hence you also have to update the plugin which used. Check periodically the plugins which are dead or active and make a replacement within it.

Now, let’s see how to install a wordpress plugin in simple three steps :

  1. Install a plugin from your directory

  2. If you are trying to choose a plugin from the wordpress directory, it could be more comfortable. A wordpress plugin directory is the most useful source as because all of the plugins in the directory are free to use and the plugins that exist are only available in the directory.

  3. Upload a plugin through the wp-admin

  4. How to upload a plugin through the wp-admin dashboard? The process is simple if you know the name of the needed plugin, you can directly search from the dashboard, and the plugin gets installed. So, the first login to the dashboard and download the plugin from the source. There you find plugin->add new, upload a plugin within it.

  5. Try to make use of FTP

It is the most complicated method without having any knowledge about the FTP. If you are trying to make use of file transfer protocol (FTP), it enable you to make permanent changes that access the site’s files and database directly. The first thing you have to make sure is that upload the plugin using FTP software such as FileZilla or download any FTP tool. Else in other methods, you have to search, install and activate the plugin, but in the FTP method, you can enable and configure it.

Now, let’s check out the wordpress plugin that controls over the internet.

Link juice keeper: It is a plugin that creates a 301 redirect for all the missing pages and redirects them back to your wished pages.

Theme tester:  Theme tester is a must-have plugin when you need to upgrade your wordpress theme. So, within this plugin, you will be able to redesign the website.

WP-click-tracker:  The plugin which helps you to get all the information about the clicks to each of your links on the website.

So, the use of the internet helps well in the wordpress plugin installation. For every download of the plugin, a search of the plugin, analyze of plugin internet utilization is the main factor. There can also be many situations where you want to get installed wordpress on your local and for the development process, without internet access cause your installation extremely slow. Think about your wordpress website, which you completed well with many plugins embedded but no internet. Is any visitors can view your site? Is it benefit without having the internet? Therefore, it’s not an elegant solution that runs for wordpress plugin installation helps internet connection.