How to build a website like Facebook?

Have anyone thought of building a social networking platform like facebook? In today’s world, social media has raised the power to become an integral part and to satisfy the needs of everyone in the market. Facebook is presently the top social networking site and has over billions of users availble who have inspired the huge success of facebook. Among other social media platform, facebook stand-out on the internet with great features and functionalities like posting updates, chatting with friends, a news feed, sharing of multimedia files, and so on.

Have you ever thought about how to become an aspiring social media influencer? There can be many social media platforms, where many builders and marketers proved their success within this. In fact, with minimum cost, time, and effort, it has been so easy to create your own social media platform. By social media, we automatically make ourselves parallelly active and constant participants in any sector. Through social media marketing, everyone can share their feelings like blogs, images, videos, and it takes you to become a key to be a part of an online presence. Mark Zuckerberg, chairman and CEO of facebook who achieved his goal through a social media platform.

Here are some steps you have to follow to build a website like facebook :

Develop your idea

Before launching a product, considerably think twice about your goal, identify what your audience needs, the platform you decide to build. Always focus on a particular topic and explore it.

Choose your domain

After developing your idea, the next most crucial thing is to find a proper domain for your audience. There can be millions of domain names available, but choosing a catchy, rememberable is essential. The domain name is the identity of your website, so it requires more consideration that fits your business and to promote your business. Also, make sure about the extension provided to the domain name.


Setting up a secure domain and web hosting are guaranteed parts of building a website. If you are working with a professional website, you can go on with premium hosting plans. Hosting plans can be available with both free and premium. If you are getting more number of users, it is possible to update your hosting package.

Customize your social networking site

After creating your idea, domain selection and secure hosting now choose the platform that best suits all the customization options. Designing makes a clear layout of a website, and it plays a vital role in the social networking site. Choosing the best CMS will help to add useful features and functionalities to your website.

Promote your site

Social media should be something intresting, and it creates the best thing that you can do it for your business goals. While the process going on, it will automatically reach a large audience and make it much more effective. The most intresting features that benefit while you create a website like facebook are it takes out full control over your targeted audience. Building detailed customization, you can analyze how it looks, images, fonts, templates, and according to your choice, you can further make any changes. Many social media platform offers many ways to make money like runnings ads on your site. Therefore, the promotion makes huge leads that make a website like facebook.