How to Build a Website like OLX?

Online shopping has arisen all over the world, alternatively for shop online. The online marketplaces have to be more alert on how to reach a vast audience, technology changes, shopping experience, and so on.

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The online market is a place where buyers and sellers meet to conduct online transactions using a classified app that makes the shopping experience more comfort and convenience. Within this advanced feature, the eCommerce industry has raised and become much popular worldwide. Many applications like Amazon, Olx, Quikr, Craigslist, etc. allow online shopping experience. These classified ad listing website likes to appear challenging to create, but with today’s technology, building a classified listing site like Craigslist or Olx may not be a fact.

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classified website like olx

Have you ever think about the possibility to design and develop a website like olx? Thought of what type of site is olx? In todays era, websites like olx have spread their foundations all over in the marketplace and have become the most popular free online classified store, and the working process of olx is quite simple. Olx cannot be considered as a multi-vendor platform; rather it is a classified ads website that is built with wordpress CMS platform working in more than 30 countries, which saves you a lot of time.

In olx people could search for any kind of services or used things like books, mobile phones, equipments, furniture, and more. Through this app, anyone can sell their unwanted or used products of better quality or services at a convinced amount. Here is some platform that lets you to create a website like Olx: Classified engine, Yclas, WP advert, etc. What makes olx different from another online site? features include like online chat, search by advanced filters, manage all profiles and notifications.


The advertiser can add images, descriptions, and prices, and then the buyer can contact the advertiser to purchase by email or phone number. When you develop any classified ads, the most important thing you have to consider the features and functionality that are useful for the customers. Olx has created a tremendous impact as a classified site in which millions of people sell and buy products for both individuals and businesses according to their convenience.

Once using this app like olx, help users to get their required products and also helps for listing their used products to get the products at a considerable amount. Through past decades, olx has caught a huge visitors attention through its development process. The development of every classified ad has a different business model.

Fundamental Features and
Functionalities of OLX:

1. Easy registration and login

2. In-app payment

3. Multilingual features that help the customers to access all over the world in their desired language.

4. Social media integration that helps your users to share products in various other social media.

5. Ability to chat with the seller about the product description, which makes the purchase much more systematic.

6. The admin will approve certified sellers.

how to build a website like olx

Now, lets check out the ways for building a website like olx:

Book a domain name and hosting

When you begin to create a website, the first thing that has to consider is choosing the best domain name and hosting provider. If you are a beginner, then it is quite simple to buy a domain name according to your company profile. Many hosting providers are available like; GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc. with affordable plans, good quality hosting products, good customer support.

Choose the best platform

Once the hosting platform and domain name is selected, the next phase is to make a best featured classified website. WordPress is a popular CMS platform that is best for creating a website like olx. So, install wordpress on your server with the server details provided by the hosting providers.

Install themes and plugins

WordPress is yet another platform for building ecommerce websites, and by default, wordpress has a default theme installed within it. WordPress themes will be available for blogging, ecommerce, business, and it can create an exclusive design that supports all the features of an ecommerce website. Install the best theme available in wordpress and install some useful plugins needed for creating a website like olx.

Add featured-rich content

If you try to create a website like olx that keeps considering both sellers and buyers. Add featured-rich content to get customers attractions. Below mention the features that made olx famous:

Hassle-free registration

Proper chat, email and message notifications

Detailed product listing

Brand promotion, campaign, and feature listing

Make your website live

While taking above mentioned criteria successfully, you will able to make a website like olx or a website like amazon and generate massive revenue for the site.

How much does it cost to make a website like OLX?

There will be an inclination that a website that builds with low-cost budget or the things that bought with a small amount of money dont have good quality. However, that is not a static functionality.


Yes! A classified website like olx can be started in a low rate and with a high-quality website design and web development. The cost of building website is based on certain major factors. Considering the demand for new designs and functionality can help in fixing the cost. So, when you are concentrating to start a business with a website like olx , you need data security, a quality design which all depends on your budget. The cost of creating an application like olx will not be some kind to many people. It fully depends on the application need to be done. List you some factor that makes the application more expensive like:

  • Unique design
  • Maintenance cost is huge
  • More number of increase in users
  • Amount in marketing
  • Transparent development work process.
  • Increase in traffic

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