What is wordpress multisite and how to use it?

The term wordpress multisite can be defined with a simple definition as a single wordpress admin dashboard can access multiple websites. The sites which connected on multiple networks have separate directories for uploading various media in wordpress. Most of the business owners run behind this because of the simple managing of multisite. Let’s discuss the good and bad of multisite with its features.

Most of the people think that it will be beneficial for them to manage a multisite in wordpress. But there are some complexities in it. Moreover, in some cases there are use behind in this like administrative process. Flexibility is very low when you come to multisite. The working process will done with a single installation within wordpress and from that multiple sites get managed. WordPress.com is an example of multiple websites. You can manage the number of sites, their themes and designs with various wordpress security features.


  • One-time installation of themes and plugins and then activated across the entire network; this helps for better management and makes more use of server space.
  • Your users can write their blogs on your network and manage them.
  • If you need it to make private, you can restrict the access of users.
  • Once updation is enough for the entire network
  • Single dashboard with many website users


  • There will be some plugins may not work. It makes your site some issue.
  • If your network is down, it affects all the site
  • No site in this can delete plugin or themes they can be only deactivate
  • If your website hacked, then all other sites in the network are also hacked.

A wordpress multisite is an ideal choice for every wordpress development agency that to simplify ownership of multiple microsites. WordPress multisite was started as a process to manage their site later in version 3.0; they made this as a feature. When wordpress features taking into account, we can see that it become the most powerful feature. Thereby, you can install the setup through this mode on your site. Enable the multisite feature in the wordpress by making a backup before that. Connect your site through FTP for enabling this. After all the connection setup done, then you can open the wp-config.php file. Add the code and save on your server; after that you can set up the multisite where it can also set up a network. You can use this as a hierarchical method like the government sector use this multisite to take care of different wings, universities. Some business people use this, but there is no need for it. If you need your web pages to look different, you can install the plugin and switching themes.