How to Connect Your WordPress Website with Slack?

How to integrate your wordpress site with slack?

Slack is one of the best chat places for your company; it designed to work easy more than your email communication. Slack can be used as the first method of communication and sharing the data. Slack allow you to communicate by channels for group discussions and for private messages to share information, files etc. There is free use for the limited features of slack. If you need more features, it has paid plans. So slack is better for your work, making it easy. Slack is one of the super chat areas in your wordpress

As mentioned above when integrated with wordpress, it’s a great way to make updates on your website, multiple authors and seo 404 errors. There can be also many triggering action undertaken with slackbot to keep track the updates made on website like:

  • 404 error
  • Published, trashed, deleted, updated post
  • Media can delete, edit and added
  • WordPress updates

Slack is better for remote wordpress team and multi-author website in wordpress. First, you need to install slack plugin your wordpress after that plugin adds a new menu in your admin dashboard headed like slack. For integration, go to slack and add new for your integration. For this, you need an incoming webhook token, and you will get this from the login slack.

  • Near to your company name, there will be configured integration click on that.
  • You can see slack services on it
  • Select incoming web hook on it and add a button next to it.
  • On incoming web hook setup, you get web hook URL
  • Copy the url for wordpress integration in your website
  • Come back to a slack page and paste the URL under service URL
  • A channel like general for sending notifications
  • Select the name as username and icon
  • By a default plugin notification are choosed
  • Click save button for slack integration

Benefits of slack in wordpress website

  • Teamwork will be better
  • Marketing can increase
  • Task giving and updating can quickly be done
  • Attendance marking also can be done in the slack of your employees
  • Live chat is better

For wordpress website development, you can use slack wisely to make your daily tasks well and to organize employee’s works. Team efficiency can increase. A big team managing for big business is complicated so we can make it simple in this and redundancy, miscommunication etc can avoid. Testing must be done in slack by sampling a text message by the configured slack channel in the plugin. For monitoring the blog content in slack, you can use RSS feed. They would alert you if a new post added to the site. RSS using is best to integrate wordpress with slack. Slack can used in any CMS platform. You can edit the message you are sending and add videos and images in it.