Top 5 wordpress security features you should practice

After a chit chat with my friends who are working as a developer and wordpress owner website owners casually, the topic changed to some technological wordpress related. They told me that wordpress security features should be focused more on their website and company wealth. They are afraid that an open-source platform has the limitations and its problems so it will catch out the security of their website. Not only to them, but this is also a common doubt and question for most of us who are loving wordpress very much, isn’t it? I thought that this would be a good topic to share today because some of us get the security features to practice in their wordpress website right?

What is wordpress security practices?

For every website owner, this is a huge matter for them. For keeping your site secure is to avoid the attack from hackers and to save data and information about your website. Today there are thousands and thousands of websites google blacklisting for malware. WordPress is widely security featured platform and daily there are a lot of developers working behind wordpress for the most security deliverance.

What are the things you focus on wordpress security?

  • First, you should understand the threats that can happen to ruin the website.
  • Practice the daily secure tips to make it safe
  • Back up of the site is very important
  • You can install the useful security plugins on your website
  • Keep updated of your wordpress site
  • SSL certificate for more security

Keeping a strong password and User permission

Hackers can easily hack the password and inject the malware to your site. A secure password makes this difficult and a unique password is better. For your admin part, FTP accounts, database your official email address everything can be practised this for security features. A password manager is there so that it will not be a thing to remember the hard password.

Using the best security plugins

WordPress gives you some best plugins you can use to your website making more secured. Plugins will monitor and track everything which happens on your website. There are best free plugins you can choose like sucuri wordpress Plugin. You can install and activate the plugin after that it asks you to generate API keys. It will show you all kind of things like email alerts, log in details and integrity checking in your site.

Login URL name should rename

Your wordpress website Login URL renamed so this will protect the site. You can use /wp-admin/ or my_new_admin, my_new_login for a renaming. Unauthorized login and direct attack can be made easier when they know the URL. So rarely you can change the URL details for getting secured of website.

WordPress version number should removed

For wordpress enterprise, this method is good to practice. You are avoiding wordpress version which you are using. In your site source view, people can see the version details. While getting these information hackers can directly make a tailored attack to your site. Security plugins will help you to hide this.

Limiting login attempts and auditing logs should monitor

They are limiting the login attempts to make the people a limited number of times to login trial. Once the limit is over, it automatically fails the user to get logged in. After that, it will get temporarily blocked. By monitoring the audit log, you get the data and the details through mail. Plugins are also there for giving the full activity list.