What is stripe payment and how it integrate with wordpress?

Stripe is an online payment method where you can add multiple stripe account for your business. Stripe allows almost all cards for payments like stripe support recurring and invoicing.

WordPress stripe plugins are the payment option to accept credit cards through the stripe payment gateway. In wordpress, we are integrating the payment option to make an easy process of payment method for users. Like PayPal stripe payment is also integrated into wordpress website for easy payment. You can use one button like Buy Now on your site for the product. Another use of stripe payment is you can accept donation money also.

Why do you use stripe payment for wordpress websites?

  • Stripe account is easy to open
  • The transaction is easy through this
  • Fraud protection is there
  • It helps to use multiple payment methods
  • You need only one stripe account for different website payments
  • Accept both debit and credit card

How can a stripe account be set up on a wordpress website?

  • One of the main things is you need SSL for this stripe payment. You can download the most useful plugin WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe in the wordpress dashboard. You can see this on Add new plugin in the admin.
  • Go to plugin settings and enter your Stripe API key
  • There will be an on and off switch to make it off at the configuration time.
  • In the default, setting tab gives name to the site, set currency and image. Click on save
  • Now you can add a payment button on the page in your site with codes simply.

Some of the plugins for stripe payment are

  • WP Simple Pay
  • Stripe Payments
  • WP Full Stripe
  • Easy Digital Downloads

Is stripe being better than PayPal?

Stripe is more flexible and easier customizable comparing PayPal. Stripe requires some more knowledge to use because a non-technical user will find it difficult sometimes. Two payment methods are popular and make them easy for customer use. Stripe is widely used by small business firms but companies like

  • Pinterest
  • Lyft
  • Blue Apron
  • Agencies and ecommerce companies, freelancers etc are widely used stripe more than PayPal.

Having an experienced wordpress developer is the best choice for building a website. For your website you should choose well which one will suit for you.it should be compared in the factors of money, security, ease of use and setup, best refunds and customer support etc. your users should be free to use it. That is the main thing in payment integration on site.

Steps for increasing speed of stripe payments in wordpress platform is increasing and now paymenyt can be done and you receive the amount within 30minutes. Moreover if you dont have a card, you can choose Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Google Pay, Apple Pay also.