The best 5 wordpress hosting services in 2020

Hosting helps to meet your wordpress performance and security level high and to reach your site for users in the search engine. For accessing your website through world wide web, you can choose the best hosting and hosting methods.

Is wordpress hosting free or paid?

wordpress core is free and you can download and it is an open-source platform there are paid hosting for wordpress which charge a small amount. There are, 000Webhost free hosting people are using.

Benefits of wordpress hosting

  • It is compatible with wordpress
  • Security and malware scanning daily
  • Best managed services
  • Automatic wordpress updations
  • Give your best performance and best internet access

Things you focus on the best wordpress hosting?

  • It needs to give you the best features for the site
  • Need to give the seo features best
  • Easy to use for both beginners and experienced people
  • Always need the best support from their company

Some of the best wordpress hosting for wordpress development websites can discuss here

Blue Host

Best place for WordPress. There are a lot of features included in this like best disk storage and bandwidth. It was recommended by wordpress since 2005. It consists of the best SSL certificate. Blu host is excellent because it is easy to use with c panel and high-security features.

Hostinger 9.9

Another best web hosting which has offered by small pricing and best for hosting. It is a high-quality top performed host. It gives you super speed and offers a money-back guarantee on 30 days. They include the best customer service too. It offers wordpress hosting and clouds hosting services and best features. They have their own built c panel, which is very flexible to users.


Another good hosting company which focused on small business. It contains package featured hosting with low has free cloud fare CDN, encrypted SSL.


The best company that is providing all type of web hosting services. It gives 24/7 best support and giving one-click feature. Both small and big website companies can use it well and gives a better on-page speed to you.


A lot of wordpress managed plan giving with the best price. recommends the company with a lot of advantages for this company like Git integration, SSD drives, best CDN included, both phone and email support are there.