WordPress Gutenberg Improved Website Performance

WordPress caching plugin, WP Rocket has redesigned the site with Gutenberg with experienced remarkable website performance. Gutenberg has surprisingly written light-weighted code but editing makes it easier to use. Gutenberg is not yet considered a page builder. Is Gutenberg is an ideal choice for wordpress? Gutenberg is specially designed for wordpress for free of cost and it is an open-source platform. The editing option made it simple and convenient using gutenberg blocks. It always finds an easier solution for someone who is in search to build wordpress website with gutenberg without having any barriers. If you run a bigger wordpress development company and need a specific development solution, then gutenberg is the right solution for you.

Page builder plugins have enriched with lots of features but performance is the major factor needed for the online business. In May 2021, google introduced important metrics that used to measure page performance by page speed criteria . When experience different blocks, there you won’t have to sacrifice for higher performance to build websites efficiently.

Gutenberg editing is easier

The goal of gutenberg is by creating an editing interface that helps the publishers to publish websites easily. An expert wordpress development team conveys that anyone can customize your website post and pages accordingly. The advancement of gutenberg has helped the users to write and build rich posts and layouts without gaining any technical knowledge. And thus, wordpress considered a powerful tool that can be accessible to all users. WordPress developer explains gutenberg’s vision with a concept called “blocks” that make it easy to focus on the content.

Building with gutenberg improves performance

To improve the web performance of a wordpress website, it quite good to use caching plugins. Gutenberg is one of the best tools that addresses the best performance issues. The introduction of WP Rocket with gutenberg results in faster and better website performance. There are many reasons behind the build-up of WP Rocket with Gutenberg are:

  • Lighter HTML
  • On-demand CSS and Javascript

Gutenberg is specially designed to load all the CSS that necessary to style blocks. Lighter HTML structure code helps to control the “main thread work” and improves the rendering time of each browser. Gutenberg generates little code as though to avoid an excessive DOM size.

Gutenberg is surprisingly robust in feature

Gutenberg helps to load all the style and JS code on every single page. Gutenberg features like tables, blocks, table of contents are the prospects of writing your own blocks. The powerful building tool incorporated with gutenberg makes content types available easily across global.

WordPress gutenberg in future

WP rocket concluded that gutenberg set for the future wordpress goals. The goal aims to focus on less code and more on content and it is a promising user interface to improve website performance.


Not yet planned to try out gutenberg? Gutenberg definitely brings something interesting to the future and set as the heart of wordpress. Did your web development company team face challenges to come up with workarounds? Reach out Yarddiant to learn how to keep your website updated, secure and looks great. Stay tuned on our website and will convey to you more contents on specific features with the best practices.