The Top 3 Methods for Enabling GZIP Compression in WordPress

WordPress is one of the popular content management systems used for developing any type of dynamic website. Having a robust digital solution has become one of the essential elements to stay ahead in the competitive market. To maintain all the user activity on the website, you have to maintain an incredible speed, so it is always advisable to compress to achieve that. Thus, enabling GZIP compression can help you to load your website faster and smoothly. A faster loading speed website helps to increase user activity and improve sales to offered products.

GZIP compression is an excellent technology for increasing the scalability of a website that helps to compress your data files. This technique helps to compress all the data files and reduces the number of downloaded times for the files. The zipped files automatically make the website functional and load faster. Hire wordpress developer from a dedicated wordpress development company to make the development task much simpler. A faster loading website improves the overall performance and brings more sales and conversion to business.

How GZIP compression works?

GZIP compression tool uses a compression algorithm that works best in various files like HTML, CSS, javascript and more. It reduces the file size by about 70% depending on the total amount of data size. The most recommended tool like Google pagespeed criteria has enabled GZIP compression but by default, it does not compress videos or image files. So, all you need is to optimize images for the web on your wordpress website. GZIP supports all modern web browsers and it allows you to efficiently transfer various data, load page speed and reduce the total loading time on your wordpress hosting. Bluehost is the officially recommended wordpress hosting provider that automatically helps to compress all the data to all wordpress sites.

Advantages of GZIP compression

  • Super speed compression and decompression
  • Less memory capacity
  • Open source and free to use
  • Universal support
  • Improves page speed

What is the purpose of using GZIP compression in wordpress?

ou might have thought that GZIP compression is very technical and complicated. Right? But in wordpress there are many GZIP wordpress plugins that make it easy to add the compressed files to wordpress websites. With these techniques, you are able to transfer data, speed up page loading time and website hosting. There are 3 best ways that help to enable GZIP compression in a wordpress website.

  • Manual modification to your website files
  • With the help of wordpress hosting providers
  • Best suitable wordpress plugin

WP Rocket is a useful plugin for GZIP compression in wordpress. This plugin is easy to use with all the speed optimization features. WP super cache is another free wordpress plugin that enables to compress to a wordpress website. AS compared to WP Rocket plugin WP super cache plugin is not that much a beginner-friendly plugin. The wordpress GZIP compression takes away all the formats that commonly used for humans understanding and thus it reduces the code length and size of a file within it. A better loading speed is the best sign for delivering quality wordpress websites. So, it’s quite good to make faster loading websites to get reaches for visitors and search engines.


Try out the GZIP compression plugin and analyze the overall website speed. WordPress is the best ever platform that is recommended for website development. You can hire a professional web development company team to get a complete customized web solution. GZIP compression is the right solution for your business website. This compression technique improves the scalability, speed and performance of a website. Hire the best-providing web development services for making your development task easier and smooth.