Why You Should switch from Blogger to WordPress

BlogSpot/ Blogger is one of the best blogging platforms for beginners. But for people who are taking blogging as serious and as a business, Blogger is not recommended one, and for those, wordpress is the best platform. For beginners, it is difficult to choose a blogging platform, and experienced bloggers always suggest wordpress for those novices as it has got a lot of features and is a compelling blogging platform. Here are a few reasons we note, why one should move from Blogger to wordpress.

Many Design Option

Most of the times, a blogger has the limitation when it comes to design; but wordpress leave no stone unturned. In wordpress users are allowed to design as per their creativity without worrying about anything. These are one of the main reason why more designers are willing to work for wordpress.

Easy Management

WordPress is very easy to manage and can do anything you want in a split of a second and the result would be much better when compared to ‘Blogger.’ Another main advantage of wordpress is that you can manage as many sites from a single dashboard and this is something not available around the world in Blogger.

Less Loading Time

In Blogger, the loading time is less because it uses only one long page of HTML for doing everything. But wordpress will load faster in default condition without any delay, and if you want to increase the speed better, there are plugins available to speed up the wordpress sites .

Full Authority & Control

You will have the full control of your blog/site. No one can delete your blog unless or until breaking the rules of hosting company and which is a rare case. It is very flexible, and there is no limit and restriction upon what kind of content strategies you are using. But in the case of blogger you have no control over your blog; For instance, Blogger can delete your blog anytime, and this is the main reason why you should move to wordpress.