Tips to make your wordpress website accessible

The importance of website attraction is a needy process for a successful business. But some people are not ready to work for it. There are so many ways you can practice to make accessibility to your website. The availability of your website merely means you are designing your site where disabled people can also access easily. There are people around us with various disabilities. To make simple for them and to get strong contacts to make website accessibility successful. The website is handling many roles, so we can’t limit the people who have less ability. User experience will be less if you are not concentrating on website access. Keeping a proper page layout structure makes the wordpress website more user-friendly and move towards to make the website both accessible and search engine friendly.

Different ways of improving wordpress website accessibility:

Sense of using colour contrast

There are 30% of people who are blind and can’t able to notice colours. So using bright colours with a fixed ratio and contrast make them more capable of understanding, which also makes attractive website pages.

Provide suitable text and image

It will be more helpful to users with a better understanding of design and text images. Blind people only have the screen reader to read it. The most important thing to be noted while posting images is adding alt text.

Avoid repetitive element and tabular columns

Repetitive elements, contents, and images can be avoided to make easy accessibility. Make sure that they are easy to read and to convey the meaning.

Provide main suitable links

Readers start voicing your content from the opening lines of your page. Once they get connected with your page, it will go through pages and finding will be sometimes difficult. For that, you can use the main link which directs the needed page. Put suitable links to the page which will lead to the main page.

Audio and video should transcript

If you are adding audios and videos to your website, that should have captions and transcription must be there. You can check your website accessibility level and improve according to that. Testing accessibility will give you the idea of what you can add for an improvement.

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE)

Web accessibility evaluation tool used for checking the website accessibility. While testing with your site URL, there will be a lot of information related to this.

You can use the theme for good accessibility, which meets the criteria. The Govt has talked about rules and actions for website accessibility legally. You will get a strong group of users and also leads will increase. You can reduce the site complicated issue also through this. Making a perfect wordpress website with accessibility is most needed and it will benefit profitable and improved business growth.