How To Make WordPress More User Friendly

To make a wordpress website user-friendly you should have a clean dashboard with limited options. To be specific, people are choosing wordpress because of its content management feature. So when the user login to the admin panel, it should be clean and attractive. Here we are suggesting some ways to maintain a perfect admin panel for the client.

Removing Menu Items

Menu items will be shown on the left-hand side of the dashboard and all the features will be visible on this side. However, most of the time, many of these features will not be needed for the client and hence what we suggest is to provide editor roles for the users of the dashboard. So, one will see only required things in the dashboard and won’t get confused.

Disable Theme and Plugin Editing

Many of the clients don’t need a feature of editing themes and plugins. So viewing these icons on the side panel every now and then will confuse the user. But by defining a constant in wp-config.php you can remove the file editing options. By doing so the developer can keep aside the unwanted edits in php files.

Disable widgets and Plugins

Disabling the widgets and plugins are very easy . You can either delete of disable unused plugins and widgets from the dashboard

Adding Help Text

One of the prime features of wordpressis the availability of help section. Just near to screen options there is a tab to open this section. The help section will contain basic information

Make easy navigation

All the above features explained the user-friendly nature of dashboard. One of the major points you should check in front-end website is that it is having easy and smooth navigation. Developers need not be highly innovative and creative about menus. wordpress provides simple and hierarchical menus which can be suitable for any kind of websites


Variety kinds of plugins are available in wordpress to carry out different functions. For activating any user-friendly tasks you can search for associated plugin.