Download wordpress 2.9 to get 5 great new features

WordPress is a platform beginning to grow with new wordpress updates and still exists as the powerful content management system (CMS). WordPress has emerged as an excellent website platform for many websites. The release of wordpress 2.9 has made wordpress a featured rich platform, and it makes it easier to upload content to the code. WordPress 2.9 works only for newly uploaded images as well as it will be able to upload a post thumbnail that made developers work simple. Thus, wordpress 2.9 has made a number of improvements in the functioning of wordpress and has rolled out to users. The release made updations like wordpress image editing tool, video embeds, batch plugin updates, post thumbnails which saves your valuable time. In this article, you get an explanation about why you need to download wordpress 2.9 to get great new features.

  1. Post thumbnail images

  2. Adding featured images is rarely used within a wordpress depending on the theme used in a wordpress site. In the older version, you have an option to post thumbnail through the custom field, but when wordpress 2.9 version has added a feature to insert image automatically, that will view within the post. Below mention you a simple code that needed to be added in function.php of themes.

    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );

    Once you selected Post Thumbnail, you can display images using template tags with the following code.

    The next thing you have to consider is about the dimension of your post thumbnails. Box-resizing is one option to compress your post image to a specified size without making any distraction for other images. The hard-cropping method provides an exact image size that matched to targeted ratio.

  3. Embed YouTube videos in wordpress

  4. wordpress 2.9 added as a feature to add youtube videos in wordpress. This feature allows you to copy and paste the youtube url into wordpress development company , without using any plugins. Follow the simple two steps to embed youtube videos in wordpress.

    Step1:  First, copy the selected youtube video url from the video share link button or any browser.

    Step2:  Second, paste the selected url into the wordpress editor, and there you find your embedded video.

  5. Trash status

  6. Trash status means all the deleted posts, pages, comments get restored that have been accidentally deleted. If you are a PC user, you will find all the deleted items in a recycled bin whereas, for a mac user, items will place in Trash. Trash status also can be termed as global undo. Trash status also stores those troublesome messages, i.e., those messages which are asked “are you sure” to delete an item. So, wordpress 2.9 has taken the advantage to bring back posts, comments, pages from the Trash that has been removed by default.

  7. Batch plugin

  8. It seems to be a wordpress plugin that always needed an upgradation. With the arrival of wordpress 2.9, plugins are allowed to update with a single click using compatibility data from the plugin repository. The usage of the batch plugin has taken an option in wordpress for a great time-saver. It is easy to use, handle, hassle-free for updation. With the existence of wordpress 2.9, batch plugin update will able to update multiple plugins at once from your wordpress admin panel. The compatibility checking is likely to make certain that the updated plugins will use with all the newest wordpress 2.9 variant. This feature makes plugin updates faster when dealing with wordpress installations and also helps blog owners to maintain their blogs as well as help those who manage wordpress blogs for their clients.

  9. Image editor

  10. One of the features that likely added in wordpress 2.9 feature is image editor. It allows users to make simple changes like edit, crop, rotates, resizes, and more without using any other tools. WordPress 2.9 helps to develop changes from a basic image editor.