How to make a live video streaming website like Twitch?

Twitch is a popular live service for watching and streaming digital video. Amazon owns it for video game streaming service, but now more than games it was expanded to include videos, artwork, Music, Shows, etc. More than 2 million streamers are streaming the services and lot of people makes money through twitch partner program as paid subscription and ads. Twitch has both audio and video service for broadcasting, while users enjoy both sound and visuals. To build a live streaming video like Twitch, you need some resources like video encoder, media server and player. You should be aware of certain things to develop Twitch like website such as


It would be best if you had an idea about who all can access the app. Only you have the access and the users who are registered can stream the video. Those who have a subscription can also create streaming videos.

How it functions:

For the proper function of your website, you should always satisfy customer needs. Following conditions should meet:

  1. Live chat options in your website
  2. Protection of accessing third-party who are not registered
  3. Each user have their video channel


It would help if you used the license or company guarantee and development options. You can use Wowza technology for this. Users can create video broadcasting of different device and you will receive it with different formats; you should be aware that these videos are of high quality. So for these problems, you should be licensed.

Design and development:

To develop a website like Twitch, you should design a theme beautifully by thinking of you as a stakeholder. For a beautiful layout, develop a website both front end and back end with payment gateway integration. You should add user profile, streaming player etc for the smooth functioning of your website.


For your live video streaming, you need a powerful hosting with large bandwidth. Because to watch your video by a lot of users simultaneously, you should choose VPS or SSD hosting to work it out smoothly. For creating a successful website like Twitch, you should meet some investment for the proper building of a website and need a lot of research. The owner should know marketing criteria and needs to make successful.

Market research includes:

  1. Setting proper goals
  2. Set videos which are user interested
  3. Play interested games
  4. Interacting audience with chat
  5. Social media changes on your website
  6. Knowledge about your audience
  7. Analyzing competitors
  8. Making good relation with your audience
  9. Researching right social media influencers to your brand