How many big brand websites use wordpress worldwide?

You know the reason why famous worldwide companies or brands using wordpress for their business. Everyone needs to achieve the first position. In this tight competitive market to withstand with their opponent team, every brand needs a well-developed platform to raise their brand value. WordPress is a well-extinguished ease platform which has a lot of features. So, wordpress is a platform to build professional websites with more benefits in the market field. Let’s see some of the famous brands using wordpress

Mercedes Benz

One of the luxurious brands in the automobile field. Mercedes use wordpress for a website, making their media and gallery strong. Images are the main thing they were focusing, so design and elements well used by wordpress. They are used search bar by integrated with a featured slider

BBC America

Famous television series and American entertainment use wordpress. Their website has well developed with wordpress components and many news gets shared in this. You will get a rich blog from the site. The website is so versatile and designed well.

Sony music

Music entertainment of international music well built with wordpress. Their web presence is top in wordpress. Looking into the site, we can say they have a clean layout and image slider. Artist page and blogs are well structured by wordpress

Microsoft news blog

They can’t make brand rise without wordpress because they used well the platform on their website. They have 30 subsites with a different language. Their news and media are well designed and the flow of the pages are perfect.

Star war blog

As a Disney part, they use wordpress to handle the traffic daily. They have high wordpress security platform for sharing news, post and media on their website. Variety of wordpress plugins used. Designed with a lot of categories and a super theme.

MTV News

Famous gossip new giving channel in all the field also latest album releasing, outfits showing, awards and ceremonies related to music etc. They used wordpress for well-elaborated gallery medium in their website. To showcase their brand using wordpress is better they thought and huge resources used in the site with the help of wordpress. Updation of new things daily on their site is unlimited.

Like this, there are many companies and brand using wordpress for their growth and the platform is well used by them for attracting their audience. WordPress giving daily huge traffic to the site because of its huge development. wordpress web design agency are increasing day by day because of its users and the big brands who are loving it.