Best open source CRM themes and plugins for wordpress

CRM is essential for a business to make customers needs and strong relationships with them. You can use wordpress as CRM in your business. WordPress has CRM plugins and themes which helps to make business more customer-oriented and making huge leads by the team. The chances of getting failed project leads and customer requirements can increase through this, so you will get more attention from them there a re lot of free plugin and theme available in wordpress which can you use for business development.

The plugin helps to get customer contacts and information. You can keep data of them. Plugins can do proper customer service. By themes, you can create a well-developed website for CRM for further big works. If you are running a service-based company, it must focus your client’s needs. Focus on every wordpress development company who is giving more values to CRM can beneficial for them. So, these plugins and theme will be better for you. Let see some of the plugin and themes.

Plugins include:


You can track every customer information and divide according to their needs. You can attach files and details of the customer in this. You check this wonderful plugin by contact forms, making a mailing list, donation page creation etc. most of the people are using the plugin now.


A better plugin with a lot of features you can use this plugin for accounting purpose also. The features include:

  • Creating a company profile is easy
  • Logging features
  • A well-maintained email system
  • Activity and report overview

The tables have reached a high level your customer can handle easily by this. This and accounting can solve CRM team issue or billings can do well.


A potential plugin which is free of cost and interactive, it offers a lot if customer benefits. It has a simple dashboard and reports. By this, you will boost the website leads and customer satisfaction. Well, developed database management are there. It is well organized.

Themes include a lot of like

  • CRM & project management wordpress theme
  • VOIP & cloud services wordpress theme etc

The theme developed with the whole feature which needed for your powerful crm website. Your business depends on crm relation and needs too then only you can learn and earn more.

  1. Excellent user organization and experience will be there
  2. CSV exporting
  3. Notifications of management
  4. Well design

Tracking details of customers are the benefits of CRM software for business needs.