What’s new updates in wordpress 5.4?

WordPress 5.4 was released on March 31st 2020 with new all features and can download. Users will enjoy the features in it. Lot of improvements in wordpress are taken clear by this like bugs fixing, Gutenberg editor in the core etc, and this can increase user interface and experience. WordPress 5.4 mainly focused on block editors. The version helps you in content editing. It includes new features, block edits, enhancement etc for using this go to your dashboard and in the update menu you can automatically update the latest version in it. Search for an experienced wordpress developer to make your updates simple and reliable methods. Main features of wordpress 5.4 is

  • Better site health checking feature
  • Updations in the block editor
  • Accessibility options and enhancement
  • Developer updates focused works

There may be chances to break your site when you update new version, sometimes plugin and theme will not work so clone it at the staging site and check overall everything is good. After updating this, you can see the site health check widget in your admin panel. It shows the status of your site health like good so you can check other four things to see the status on the screen, which is a perfect thing in it.

Another thing is the block editor. A lot of updates are there in this. WordPress 5.4 merged with guttenberg, so they speed up the editing process. Its loading speed and typing time reduction have increased. A lot of tools are added in it so height, width and alignments of images can easily be edited. In your mobile devices, there will use toolbar for easily getting the tools. They added blocks for social links adding more colours to block and images. API used and multicolour usage in a single image.

When looking forward to accessibility improvements, there are a lot of things included like keyboard navigation problem fixes, better keyboard in the media navigation, read privacy policy. Image tabbing and title including, switching edits all are the benefits in wordpress 5.4. So, the usage of updated version of wordpress 5.4 is best for every wordpress development company.

Version 5.4 has HTML output for the calendar widget. Developers are allowed to add custom fields to the navigation menu. There are ways to add a shortcut of the keyboard in the block editor. They have efficient, developed themes and plugins in this version. With all these features, wordpress 5.4 is so good and useful to both users and developers. The Gutenberg editor makes risk this version and getting a lot of ways to ease of work.