How do I customize wordpress search page result?

WordPress search page result means a page that is more informative to users for getting into your site. They can search your website through the custom template page to reach your site. You need a search page template for user search form and information passing to your site. And if the user will be more satisfied like, on your website, a user searches for your business and product information. Then the user hits the result to a blank page or other irrelevant things; the chances are heavy that they leave your site. User satisfaction is a must for a wordpress development company to achieve growth.

Why does a search page result matter?

We know that users will search for a certain thing that they want to show on our site page. So the internal search page results in the content or word which the user typed as the related pages. It is different from google or other search engines . It will show the entire result for the user, but the search page result shows the related page to him.

Making a custom result page will be very good for your wordpress site for improving audience experience and making more informative sites. There are a lot of benefits like:

  • Getting the correct result for the things they searched for
  • Visitor’s time can increase
  • You can make your site more informative to users
  • Brand value reputation

How can you customize your search page result?.

You can customize the result page by changing the code search.php file or by using the plugin. The plugin installation and maintaining is quite easy and choosing the php code altering also best you can choose. There are several things you can personalize in search page like

  • Custom layout
  • Design of search page
  • Adding image-based search

Things you should focus on search bar option

  • Always it should be at the top of the page.
  • Choose a better color for user attention.
  • The search bar checks the resulting whole from your website on every page.
  • Keywords related can be focused on our side for the result of getting easily from your page.
  • Use the words like find, search go now etc. for the user’s interest to search on that.
  • Give a better design for the page.
  • A call to action button can be given for immediate contact with users.
  • Suggesting the spellings in typing case.
  • Highlighting the search term in the result page will be good.
  • Ajax the search

How does a custom search page result benefit your business?

The user will always be engaged in your site and you will get more free traffic to your site. It leads to more lead conversion and making more profit. Your product should popularize much through this. Site ranking can improve by this custom search result method.

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