How to Embed a YouTube Channel on a WordPress Website?

You can embed the youtube channel to your site in different ways and through this, users can watch the latest video through your website. It will increase the traffic and more users to your site. If you have a youtube channel, you can add to a wordpress site and you can add other channels to the site. It is an excellent move to make your user visitor time more your website page. Moreover, people who are engaged in your site will make more users to your wordpress site.

The main thing you can do is make your website users more to visit your youtube channel and reverse. While you are uploading new videos, people who are the visitors of your site can automatically watch the videos and get new information through this. People get attracted by your brand and the website becomes more impressive to the audience. Quality videos in your youtube channel make your wordpress website more live and an information-gathering website. There are plugins in wordpress you can use to add youtube channels to websites. We can look at the steps to integrate it. Every web development company will focus on you tube channel and other social networks which gives more clients and traffic to the company.

These are such easy steps you can add a youtube channel to your site or post and on the page.

  • Take the URL of the video you are planning to embed in your page or post.
  • There you can see a share button where you can link it.
  • Go to pop up and add the URL or copy.
  • If you need a video in ‘iFrame,’ then copy the code and embed it in the dashboard.
  • In the editor, the side takes a new post or existing and paste the code by a text editor.
  • Go to the visual editor and it will embed the video which displays.

If you need to add this by short codes because you don’t need to activate another plugin for this. You can embed short codes for youtube video adding and after that, you should adjust the size of the video, its design and alignment etc. If you need the help of a plugin in the site means there are some good plugins for it like.

  • Youtube embed
  • Youtube gallery
  • Gallery – video gallery and youtube gallery so on

Plugins will help to show the video in your gallery or as a grid on the wordpress website. In some sites, they made a separate gallery of youtube videos getting more attention from users. So, it’s a better way to integrate your youtube channel in your site, making huge viewers and brand value increased.

  • Things you should focus on search bar option

  • Try to use video schema for wordpress site
  • SEO tips can improve on using the youtube video
  • Don’t prefer over the lengthy video to embed because maybe people get bored of it
  • Always try to add a useful and related video to the post
  • Always try to add a useful and related video to the post
  • It helps to increase your CTR