Video stratergy in SEO

A video once uploaded is quite useless if it cannot be found or noticed. Uploading videos are one of the best ways in increasing the sites ranking results. Usage of the video is a compelling visualization medium that engages the potential consumers, increases the search engine rankings and provides a hike in the online visibility. Here we have given some tips in using a video for the improving SEO and to get your video and the website popular.

  • Integrating Video

  • Video stuff is one of the prime factors that mainly affect the SEO ranking of a website. The experts say a video remains as evidence for quality content. By integrating a video we expect that there will be an increase in ranking of the site since there will be demand for video by the customers in the search results. Altogether there will be a hike in the page ranking of the website.

  • Including video sitemap

  • Video sitemaps act as an extension of the general sitemap that one can use in their website. There is also a chance to duplicate the information given on the video sitemap such as the keyword labels used for the identification of the video. Here the metadata which is customized will include rating, age appropriateness, duration, view count, embedding option and much more useful information.

  • Hosting video on YouTube

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine that processes more than 3 billion queries a month. When it comes SEO, many suggest that uploading or hosting videos on one’s own website will do wonders whereas others recommend that the videos get tied to popular publisher sites like YouTube, Thisoldhouse etc will add more benefits as the searching is held universally.

  • Backlink from YouTube video

  • The links and shares given to the video uploaded in YouTube are not counted as the links that direct to your site. Therefore it is recommended to create two links as backlinks to your website from YouTube. For that, a YouTube channel is to be created and the webpage should be inserted into the profile you created with the link that includes the description of the video.