All You Need to Understand About Cookies in WordPress

As we go through cookies in wordpress sites, you should know some more things about it. Does everyone know what cookies are in browsers? Cookies are small data files stored with user information when they enter into a website. Cookies give personalized browsing to users.

  • Cookies store user’s login details
  • When they enter into a website if they used their mail id, name and any products if they put into their cart can be remembered by cookies
  • Big website track users visit through cookies

If you need to block cookies or you don’t need to store your details by cookies, you can do it by going to browser settings and then to the privacy section and making an option like don’t tell sites anything about my tracking preference.

If we are coming to wordpress cookies, there are many questions we can discuss in this and how well a wordpress website uses cookies. There are two types of cookies wordpress generate they are

  • Session cookies
  • Comments cookies
  • Session cookies are the type that expires when a user’s session once completed on a website. Comments cookies are those who leave a comment on the post and this is not strictly needed.

How does wordpress use cookies?

Commonly every site refers to third party cookies with the applied terms and conditions. WordPress uses plugins and themes for cookies to collect information about the user. The plugins will help to collect the information of customers automatically. Many website owners use third parties like Google Analytics or Google AdSense.

  • Cookies store login details, so users don’t need to re-enter each time when they visit your site.
  • Cookies remember the specific page that the user has visited recently.

How can wordpress plugins use cookies?

We know that plugins and other tools are there to find out the user’s page visit and details of the website. The plugin can set cookies in users’ devices. GDPR Cookie Consent, the plugin, has set a cookie named viewed_cookie_policy, which checks whether the user allowed the cookies to manage them. Plugins can be used by setting the cookies in the user device and checking one by one when it is activated. The inner page of your website should check first because cookies installed on these pages have the functionality of the plugin, so it will not work all the time. Check if a third party is using your website.

Setting cookies in wordpress site

You should add a code to the theme in the function.Php, so you should give the cookie name and value, period of expiring, its root and website domain. Adding a snippet code in the site helps to track visitor time and activities.

What are the wordpress cookies policies?

There are mainly two types like

  • Free Cookie Policies
  • Paid Cookie Policies

For generating a free cookie policy, you can add in a new page of your wordpress website. If you already have this policy, you can use free pop up like.

  • Lucky WP Cookie Notice
  • Cookie Notice for GDPR