Top 6 popular trends in laravel frameworks 2020

There are top frameworks in Laravel 2020. We know that Laravel is a good php platform and you can work very friendly with it. A lot of companies are using laravel because of their benefits. Laravel is also best suited for various security practices while comparing to other platforms. Now, we can discuss some new trends in laravel 2020. Now lot of wordpress development companies are using Laravel in their simple and easy project because it is easier to use comparing with Drupal CMS.

Yii framework

Yii is one of the trending PHP frameworks. The Yii framework has an excellent component in it, which makes work easy and efficient. Yii has a straightforward installation process. PHP integrates with CodeCeption, a testing framework. The codeception that allows faster web application development and testing. Moreover, this is an open framework that includes PHP web applications.


Slim is a micro-frame function in Laravel and can be most powerful in API. The framework will dispatch and receives HTTP requests and a call back routine for getting an HTTP response. You can use your components in it and also easy to integrate third-party components in it.there is one advantage like you can register other party components like slim-flash etc.


High famous framework in php. You can see extensive documentation, stability, well performance in this. Some of the big popular organizations are using this framework. With the usage of this framework, there are a lot of features in it. They give excellent support and this is a foundation of web development services. Laravel uses more this framework for excellent benefits.


A professional framework with excellent security and features in Laravel. They can support a long-driven nature to forms, feeds, and service. Zend framework is an object-oriented programming web application. It has a collection of web packages. There are a lot of components in Zend like Zend-feed, Zend-dom, Zend-di, Zend-crypt etc.


A trending framework over the years in has a C-extension structure. The framework utilizes only a few resources. Phalcon helps quick HTTP response and request. It is very easy to use and form builders. When Phalcon takes into consideration, there exist many template engines in it. Phalcon can support international languages. Moreover, you can use it for so many APIs.

Cake PHP

The framework is under more development. This documentation is very fair; by using this, you can create so many apps. No need to worry about security concerns. Cake php offers MVC conventions for ease of development. Apps created by this is scalable and reliable. The framework functionalities manage by several packages. SQL injection is not a big issue in this you have security in it.