Is laravel is best for security practices?

Laravel leads to the best frameworks that is well for its performance and active user community. Laravel is a PHP platform. It is secure while comparing with others because every framework will try to make it more secure. You can be work in both the front and back end side.

There are benefits in laravel like:

  1. CSRF protection
  2. Cross-site scripting protection
  3. Point of Sale (POS)

One of the good things about laravel security is that whenever a loophole has happened, the maintenance team will take care of it ASAP. You can always use the latest version of laravel for more safety and a stable version if working as a website development companies or any works based on developing. You can use Laravel 5.7 as the latest version.


Laravel authentication is the way of applying logic uses to identify users. The guard will define the logic of laravel authentication. It has a robust authentication system, it use “providers and guards’. Guard is to authenticate users for each request and providers retrieve the user’s database.

Reducing from CSRF vulnerabilities

Laravel uses CSRF (cross-site request forgery) tokens to make sure that other parties can’t generate the fake request and do not breach laravel vulnerabilities. It makes tokens from AJAX call for every request. Laravel compares the token with the users’ data, if it is not matching, then it will be invalid and no action would be taking.

SQL injection

SQL use parameter bindings for ensuring malicious users can’t pass through any query data. It will call the data as 1=1; it makes that the result is accurate. For example, you are calling a mail id it will call from user’s data as email address or 1=1, left unsecured. Your laravel database always provides different solutions, such as raw SQL queries. It gives drop-down, eloquent syntax, etc.

XSS exploitation

In two ways, you can define XSS exploitation as a persistent and non-persistent mode. In persistent mode, the malicious code is permanent so that an attacker can make attack your website page continuously and it will be there who ever is landing on that page.

In non-persistent mode, the malicious code is not permanent. By refreshing the page, the false code not wiped away and the user experience this malicious ode only one time. This validation will take for correcting the data. So your search criteria will depend on the data to answer it.

There are security packages in laravel, you can use this for your web application security.

  1. Laravel security component
  2. Laravel security
  3. Laravel-ACL