The ways to organize wordpress media library

WordPress media library has thousands if wordpress files in to categorize and folders. There should be more features in wordpress like

  • Make more user-friendly site
  • Total control in one toolbar
  • Many files supported
  • Many language supported
  • RTL supported

How the media library works

Media library works as an element to store different media files in one place and use them while configuring components and building applications in app designer. Media library supports all extensions of videos, images, files, documents, icon etc. To support the media library into wordpress means you must install a plugin for it. Configuration wizard set up automatically made for the WP media folder plugin. The media folder will scan your site server to confirm everything is well.

Navigating WP media folder interface

The interface of your media looks like a folder system in your desktop, so to create a folder, there is a create folder button so the folder will show in the main side and slide bar. To add files into it, you can drag and drop it. Just click the bulk select button to move multiple files. For adding subfolders, open the folder where you want to create a subfolder click create folder button so a child folder should form. Filtering the files can be done by adding a filter and sort button to it.

Adding external video to the media library

You need to add videos from youtube or any other source; click the play icon near to filter or sort option in your media library. Paste the URL to the external video and click upload

How to replace existing files

No need of changing the file name, you want to replace the existing file, click on the file that you need to replace. You can upload the file and replace the existing file by clicking the send the new file and replace button.

There are a lot of features in WP media folder like.

  • It manages with many folders and subfolders
  • Can create a gallery from media
  • Filter and sort the media files
  • You can sync media with server folder

WP media have some special features like

  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Usage of folders restricted by user role
  • File renaming automatically
  • Customized folder covers
  • Download buttons from the front end
  • Adding important external videos to the media library
  • Compatible with woocommerce

With these types of plugins, you can save your time and get these benefits from wordpress make your site more authoritative. Moreover, you can’t un your website without media.