What is nulled themes and plugins in wordpress?

WordPress themes and plugins are very popular and a lot of free versions are there to use. There are null themes and plugins in wordpress which create some problems a lso. Better avoid these plugins and themes.

Nulled theme and plugin?

These are the pirated version of wordpress devlopment themes and plugins. Pirated versions are free and most of the people run behind that. But there are a lot of risks in using this like

Malware issue

There are a lot of chances for this. Because pirated software contains a lot of other contents h which are malwares. You installed this software on your website and it become a risk for your website. Working should be damaged and big errors and attacks can occur through this.

SEO problems

Pirated software is very bad for your SEO and this theme and plugin will not help you in seo. Tools get infected by spam and collapse your site ranking. Others will collects third parties edit information from your site and code for attacking. So, this will not help you in the ranking. This is not good for web design companies as well while developing website for the clients.

New feature s can’t add

These null themes and plugin will automatically get updated so you will not get any new features. There are a lot of features included user experience new tools etc. but null themes will not help to enjoy the new features. Updating and support is very less in null themes and plugins.

No security

They will not promise security to your site. They are not good to use no safety are with them. Hackers can easily catch your website details and they can easily collapse your website. Moreover, these plugins will not work correctly and functions missed. It breaks element also. Security is to risk in this.

It acts as a third party and you can’t control it. Most people will not choose this because of its heavy risk. You can use this theme for some purpose like making an agency website, for displaying portfolio and building a magazine site. You get these themes from third parties with low price and you may get trapped in this to buy. If you can’t afford the cost of wordpress themes and plugins, there are a lot of other themes and plugin wordpress which meet your needs. E-commerce website are very important to check this because they need to use payment integration in the site, so it also has chances to get affected.