How to build a website like Reddit?

The idea behind the creation of reddit is as simple as a blogging concept where every registrant is allowed to become bloggers themselves. Apart from the basic technical knowledge to build a website like reddit, there are also non-technical aspects that are needed to promote a website with the best marketing strategies. When analyzing the monthly traffic reddit hits are about more than 1.5M active visitors globally. However, Reddit is the world’s most successful social bookmarking website along with valuable content that you are focused to promote. It enables the users to join online communities to shares various media like a photo, videos with the latest and trending news. Choose a partner to specialize with a professional web development company to get a better website solution.

Before going to have a detailed study to develop a website like reddit, focus on some aspects that you have to pay attention. Engagement is the amount of time you spend on a website. It is an important factor especially to startup a website like reddit as it is based on advertising. A social network is yet another metric that you need to integrate with your website as it to share or invite people to your website. Reddit provides an open platform to participate in group discussions about many topics like entertainment, politics, invention, technology and more. There are many other platforms that can participate in healthy discussions on numerous topics in a vast community. There are websites like Quora that focus on building a large user base and encourage various activities on websites.

How Reddit website works?

One of the huge site, which is divided into number of smaller communities called subreddits. A subreddit means simply a board devoted to a specific topic. Each subreddit starts with, such as Subreddits have their own themes and rules, with expectations.When you are visiting Reddit’s homepage, you can see trending posts from various subreddits. You can click on a post and can read the comments, also see the full-sized image and can visit the link.For every Reddit post (and comments on posts), you can see a number which represents its score. There is an up arrow and a down arrow for upvote or downvote content.

upvoting means that you like or think the post comment contributes to the conversation. Down voting means that you don’t think the post is not worthy to share or see with other people. This simple method decides what becomes popular on Reddit. If your post gets enough points on its own subreddit, it will become the FrontPage of Reddit which is seen by everyone. If your posts and comments are upvoted, you can earn karma. This is a kind of gamification concept. There is no value for this. If your content got many upvotes the karma score will increase. If your post gets downvotes your karma score will be less.

Reddit gold

Premium membership which offers extra benefits to users. You can enjoy features like turning off ads, creating subreddits is possible only for gold membership, creation of custom avatars etc. The other option is you can show how much you liked others post.

Ask Me Anythings (AMAs)

Persons can forward themselves and answer the question for anything from users on the reddit. There will be a format “I am a ***, ask me anything.” So many celebrities are also highly using the format. This became the big venue for reddit now.

Steps for building Reddit website

Some steps to create a website like Reddit needs

  • Choosing a domain name

  • To choose a domain name is the first main thing you should do. This makes your website an identity. Better domain name makes your website reach audience well. It should be easy to read and understand for your business.

  • Hosting

  • Once you selected and bought the domain name next is web hosting which is also important. There are premium hosting plans for website which is professional. Lot of hosting plans and packs are there.

  • Install the wordpress platform

  • You should download the platform which you are going to develop the website. Here we are using WordPress. WordPress is very popular and most people like to work with it. It is totally free and if you need to create a website in wordpress surely you can go for a best wordpress development company. Set up the wordpress.

  • Install the upvote

  • WordPress has themes and plugins for designing the site. You can add lot of functionalities so you can use upvote. Upvote theme is best for creating this website. Because it is user-friendly and clean. It helps to load fast and easy to use it.

  • Launch your site

  • After creating all the things in website and testing properly you can launch it. Do the SEO works properly for making your website online presence and to reach more users. A better website will comes up with lot of traffic and leads when it follows a better website tips and tricks.

How website like reddit makes money?

Just like other social networking websites, reddit is also the popular social bookmarking website that generates its revenue by advertising, sponsored links and through reddit gold accounts. Sponsored links are somewhat a greater way to generate value for your advertisers within the existing content provided. Press release and paid advertisement are the two common factors that reddit uses to make money. In reddit, there are many sources to generate revenue like an advertisement, premium membership, reddit coins and reddit gifts.


That’s it! I hope this article shared with you a wonderful determination to launch a website like reddit and make it a huge success. If you find this useful information for your professional website development services, drop a enquiry on our contact page and will get back to you soon.