How to make a Q&A website like quora with wordpress?

Quora is the number one question and answer website most people prefer today to get answers and ideas and share their thoughts. We know how quickly it became popular all over. Quora deals with every field of questions and answers, which more include business and marketing, also educational details. This will help people to get information about their problems and clear their doubts. The emergence of quora made popular sites on the web even though when the success of Yahoo answers exist. So, what made quora to succeed? Quora mainly focused on a specific area of marketing, where customers get particular requirements and products.

What are the benefits of quora marketing?

  • If you are an entrepreneur or business owner you can discover your brand more by quora
  • Your quora post will appear in search engine which helps to get more user engagement and a visit to your site
  • By quora, you can target your audience with short and relevant answers
  • You will get a chance for conversation with others here
  • Get more quality users

If you are interested in making a question and answer forum like quora, we will guide you how to implement in wordpress. Intentionally, there arise an question that why there is a huge demand in wordpress for the development. By analyzing, you will be clear that wordpress is today’s most prominent platform most people love to use for creating websites.

  • Total usage of wordpress in the world across more than 33%
  • Most popular CMS with utmost features
  • Most search engines love wordpress site
  • Customization of the website is perfect here
  • Easy to use and manage
  • All kind of people can quickly learn and use wordpress
  • To setup wordpress

    To start a website like quora with wordpress, you should do primary steps like choosing the best domain name. A better domain name makes people easy to read and catch you. You need a host for your website to make sure visitors are there for your site and to get your site address in search engine. Another thing you need is design and templates for your wordpress website.

    Q&A engine

    You need the best question and answer theme for creating the site. Having a wordpress website designer helps to mould everything on your website development. Q&A themes contain lots of features and rating systems. It helps to make users engaged in the site by beautiful design. The things you focus while creating a Q&A website

    • First, analyze your customers
    • Make a user-friendly design
    • Launch useful features which separate your website from others
    • Always give correct information and answers on the website
    • Always engage your users on the website
    • Update site regularly

    Plugins you need for building a website like Quora

    Quora is an excellent website that includes many features, so you can’t copy the same site for your own. The advanced plugins in wordpress help you website development the same as quora with wordpress. Some of the best plugins which help for Q&A website is

    • WP Answers Q&A By Wpmudev
    • CM Answers
    • DW Question & Answer

    The plugins are almost free, and there are a lot of features like editing, comment, answer checkmarks, notifications, rating system, etc. For a website like quora, more featured plugins needed. So choose these plugins for a better creation.

    By building your website, you can adequately test all the fields that are working and launch your site. Make more seo techniques and use tools to rank your site. Marketing should be done correctly to get more traffic and visitors to your website.

    How quora makes money will be the next thing that will come to your mind, isn’t it?

    Yes, the revenue of quora is through ads. It acts as a marketing tool to earn money by displaying ads through content. They mainly focus on advertisements because most people like to give ads in quora, where they believe that quality and thirst users will come more on this website.