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How to build a website like Angie’s list?

When exploring various other online directories, you will find a list of home services like angie’s list, homeadvisor, amazon home services and more. But among the wide list of categories, angies list found to be the first website. The blog will provide you with the services and the ways of creating a website like angie’s list.

Angie’s list is a popular home repair review website that serves on the internet market globally, which is an American internet service provider company. Simply, it described with customer reviews based on search engines for paying members. It is an online marketplace where users find some services like plumbing, painting, heating, electrical, A/C roofing and more. Here, the users have the access to rate the service providers in the form report based on quality, price, responsiveness, professionalism and punctuality. It finds a professional way to get customers. There are many reasons angie’s list is popular?

  1. Simply free to get listed
  2. Easy to rank in google and other search engines for link building
  3. Free to business
  4. Build trust between customers while having good google reviews

Do you know how angie’s list grows your business productivity? Make a chance to improve your customers exposure to people who are in search of local contractors. Angie’s list helps your business gain awareness to more leads and sales. The service helps to grow business solutions to customers to ensure reliability.So, If you want to start a website that performs on search engines, will return as a token of investment in website development .

Who all needs an angies list website?

Those who are deeply searching for home service website with lot of needs and plannings then go for angie’s like website because they are just providing full fit home services like

  1. Interior decorations
  2. Home exteriors
  3. Home staging and security
  4. Home builders
  5. Plumbing and electric work
  6. A perfect website who can seek for any kind of home services with your detailed needs and projects can enjoy their facilities and assistance. It is a complete and exclusive website for nationwide and getting top ratings with millions of users. Are you looking for a home service website like Angies list then the best method to create Angie’s list is starting with better planning.

How to build a website like angie’s list?

Let’s discuss how to develop a website like angies list to make your business more fruitful. Before getting started we need a better idea and planning about the website you are going to build. Think about the purpose of your website so automatically you start to think about the needs and features which make your website better. Research more about the competitors, what are their specialties on websites and how they are getting top. After your research and plan you get a clear-cut idea for your website development.

The basic foundation of website includes:

  • Naming a domain and hosting services
  • Choosing the better platform
  • Creative designs and themes

Pillar plans for your website need :

  • Better CMS and widgets
  • Choosing right plug-ins
  • Adding suitable pages and contact details
  • Adding social media
  • Better chat support

Final touch for the launching of website includes

  • Testing
  • Project delivery
  • The first and foremost thing before delivery of project is to check whether it is mobile friendly and responsive. Websites should be simple and easy to use. Your services with extreme customer relations and on time work method will brand your business value high and earn more profit Websites should be simple and easy to use. Your services with extreme customer relations and on time work method will brand your business value high and earn more profit.

What is the cost to create a website like angie’s list?

The cost of building an online website depends on various other factors. The only way to cut down the cost of development is by using free templates offered by any other web hosting provider. If you are planning to develop a website with some budget friendly option, then wordpress is the best option among all. There are some best wordpress hosting services that you have to meet in all website development

If you are are ready to outsource your task of build a website like angie's list to developers? Then please see what we explain next.

Last but not least, the article clearly picturizes you complete details to create a website like angies list. Click here to know more or develop such online directories. We will reach you and get a free section on various other website developments. However, you are planning to build a professional website, its better to reach a qualified web development company.