How to create an online learning website like Udemy?

In today’s world, to keep pace with the technological development there is a tremendous growth for educational industry over the internet. By during the past years, it has been found that online course has become an alternative solution to beat the traditional educational system and more expensive. So, having an educational website brings the most profitable benefits in the section of web development. There are various online educational mobile apps emerging in the marketplace. The online mobile apps like udemy keep up various features and functionalities to enhance users learning experience. Well, if you are still confused then look out the following steps needed to build an educational website development.

Education is something that we carry throughout our life as an important factor. The most common fact is that you can learn various things through the e-learning websites from anywhere. So, everyone will be searching for a trusted website development company to get matched with their idea. When whole world changes with pandemic, circumstances make everyone leads to take part in online services in all aspects. Everyone will be eagerly waiting for to make a online portal website like udemy.

There are some basic procedures when developing an ecommerce platform that accept by others.

1. Define your niche place

If you are going to plan for an online e-learning website, have a basic idea about the courses that going to be presented. We recommend you that focus mainly on the platforms that brings profit for your business. List you some courses that usually recommended:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Computer and technology
  • Education
  • Health

2. Functionality for an elearning website

There will be some basic functionality that similar to other educational platforms.

  • Help every users to search their desired course with a list of relevant options without go for a predictive search functions.
  • After the desired search with auto complete, it allows to choose based to price, rating, features and durations.
  • Feedback and rating system is necessary for every online services. So that everyone will be able to track the quality of courses for their choice.

3. Business model

Choosing a perfect business model for the web development is one of the firsdt thing need to be focused. Selecting the perfect model helps to analyze how to earn money through the platform. There are various model like affliate, paid certificate, paid course and more.


In today’s aspects, online course or education is best select alternative to traditional educational system. So, having a website like Udemy is the perfect business solution. If you want to develop an elearning products, together we can deliver a customized solution for all the requirements in education industry.