how to improve accessibility of a website?

When it comes to stand out from the crowd every business, think creatively with their website and in digital presence. To make your users attraction and making more leads to business is the main motto for every company. For making this first you should think more about your website creativity and accessibility.

What does you mean by website Accessibility?

TWebsite Accessibility means designing and developing websites, tools and technologies where people with disability can also use your website in accordance to W3C. The people with various disabilities can interact in your website and understand, navigate to the site. Whatever the issues be like Auditory, physical, speech and visual, etc. If you improved your accessibility means you are allowing all kind of people to your website and there will be no barriers.

Why website accessibility is important?

Why it is important means you are giving equal opportunity and access to people in all over the world. They can also actively participate in business and the internet. You are helping all kind of people like those who can’t go to buy products, difficulty to read print materials. Those who are suffering from various physical and mental tasks are helped through web technology. Through this you will get a lot of enquiries and leads. The site will get traffic and of course you can earn more money.

Some benefits of making your website accessible are:

  • To avoid legal complaints and Avoiding discrimination
  • Increasing usability
  • Improved SEO
  • To reach with the wide audience
  • Using high quality code and design
  • Try new technologies more in your website
  • Reach to users widely

How can you make the website accessible more?

Title Tag

Your Title tag should be perfect, and it should make sense what the topic related to. It should make feel them that they are at the correct page and the details should be clear. We know that we all are bothered about the Google understanding to index the page in search result like that this is also important for readers.

Text size and colour

Make sure that the text is large to read, and the colour you choose is contrast against the background. You can test the colour and contrast with text by lot of free online tools. Readers can easily find and read your text also without failing in contrast.

Images and Alt tags

Main need of Alt tag today is for SEO and Accessibility. This will help you to give a description of the pic and page using Screen Reader. This will help blind people more.

Sub titles for videos and Audio Medias

If your site more accessible means it is good to be strong in your audio, video part. The sub titles in video helps not only for SEO but also people who are not able to hear the audio in public roads or meeting, etc. A sub title helps you to read users and watch the video.

Some web accessibility tools for disabled people

  • Sip and Puff Systems
  • Screen Magnifiers
  • Voice Controls
  • Refreshable Braille Displays
  • Screen Readers

Difference between Accessibility and Usability

Usability means how a web development company created their website to use easily. If a client or user can use the website without any instruction, it is the highly usable website. The measurement of the site will be how user friendly the site is. The accessibility is different from this. Even though your site is easy to use, some people are failed to go through. So you should concentrate on the accessing features and tools to available for everyone. Then only your site will be a complete user friendly and useful website.

How can you create an accessible website in wordpress?

  • Choose wordpress platform and install, set up it.
  • Choose Accessibility-Ready WordPress Themes.
  • Make your content easily readable.
  • Use navigation menus
  • Use your Heading structure correctly
  • Make your content more understandable and easy
  • Use the Links and Images wisely
  • The designer should be careful about the colour
  • Make your forms easily accessible.

All wordpress website development companies should be aware of these things then your site will be more user-friendly and can make hugely traffics Your business profit can be making high and leads can be easily driven.